1. Follow the ''FANDOM'' Terms of Use. 2. Be respectful towards each other, from the most active admin to the newest newbie. 3. Do not make use of strong language, racial slurs, or sexist jokes on the Wiki, censored or otherwise. 4. Keep drama (from other wikis, real life, etc) off of this wiki. It has no place here and will likely only stir up more fights and drama. This especially includes political discussions. 5. Help other users out, if you can, as opposed to degrading them for their lack of ability. 6. Ban evasion is against the rules. This includes sockpuppeting. 7. Trolls will be banned. 8. Roleplaying is generally played poorly and so is banned. This includes talking about the subject of your username if it is derived from the game and responding to any roleplaying. 9. Do not delete or falsify vital information or files. 10. Advertising is not allowed. 11. If you want to add a new feature across the Wiki, put it up for discussion first. 12. Nonsense posts and Caps lock posts will be removed. Spam posts such as, but not limited to, "XD" or "lol" will be removed. This includes overusing gifs. Limit one gif per comment. 13. Before asking a question, please make sure it has not already been asked or answered either in the comments or in the article itself. 14. If you wish to post art, feel free. If it is from another artist, however, ask them first if it's okay to post, and make sure to credit them. 15. Do not comment on blog posts which are several months or years old (often referred to as '''necrobumping''') unless you are bringing something meaningful and/or relevant to the discussion. 16. Admins and mods get the final say, respect their decisions.
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