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Picking up multiple faint energy signatures on the island's surface. Plik:FloatingIslandIntro.ogg

― PDA, Dialogue


The Floating Island is a unique island biome in Subnautica. It is located southwest of the Aurora. It is a large landmass completely supported by Ancient Floaters located underneath the Island.

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The Floating Island was the rendezvous point for survivors of the Aurora, However, only two made it: Second Officer Keen, and CTO Yu. Keen left behind a signal for the rendezvous point at Lifepod 19. An Abandoned PDA is positioned right beneath the signal, laying on the sand.

The Floating Island was also the residence of the Degasi Survivors for a small while. There, they constructed a main base, which has been partially covered by a mudslide. Two smaller observatories doubling as small farms, and a larger farm on the other side of the Island.


The Floating Island is fully explorable and quite hot; the temperature of the island reaches upwards of 40°C. The island boasts a wide variety of colorful, terrestrial flora that covers most of the Island's surface. It can be accessed from the main beach or via the underwater entrance at its center. The Island is a good source of edible plants, namely the Lantern Tree, Marblemelon, and Chinese Potato, which are exclusive to the Island and can be found in various abandoned growbeds.

Spoiler: Poniższa sekcja zawiera informacje o materiale związanym z fabułą.

The Alien Arch Cache can be found in a large cave near the centre of the Island. It has two entrances. The first is a little inaccessible. It can be found on a small ledge just above the large lake in the middle. The second is found in a small lump in the ground. This one is much easier to access but harder to find. The Arch inside links to the Mountain Island Arch.

There are also three abandoned seabases built by the survivors of the Degasi, one located at the center and one on each of the mountains of the Floating Island. To reach the two mountaintop Seabases, follow the left fork on the dirt path near the beach. The path will fork again before a bridge crossing, with each fork leading to one of the two mountaintops. To reach the central Seabase, take the right fork near the beach and follow it around the edge of the Island (It is also possible to simply climb down from one of the mountains to the central Seabase). An abandoned farm constructed by Bart Torgal can also be found here next to a naturally made land bridge. It consists of Chinese Potato Plants and Marblemelons.

  • Bulbo Tree Sample
  • Chinese Potato
  • Fern Palm Seed
  • Grub Basket Seed
  • Jaffa Cup Seed
  • Lantern Fruit
  • Marblemelon Seed
  • Ming Plant Seed
  • Pink Cap Spore
  • Speckled Rattler Spore
  • Voxel Shrub Seed

  • Cave Crawler
  • Shoal of Fish
  • Skyray

  • Bulbo Tree
  • Chinese Potato Plant
  • Fern Palm
  • Grub Basket
  • Grue Cluster
  • Jaffa Cup
  • Lantern Tree
  • Marblemelon Plant
  • Ming Plant
  • Pink Cap
  • Speckled Raffler
  • Voxel Shrub

  • Coral Shell Plate

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