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Bumerang jest małym pasywnym okazem fauny. Jest bardzo pospolity i można go spotkać na wielu biomach. Bumerang jest bardzo łatwy do złapania szczególnie w nocy. Jako pożywienie ma dość umiarkowaną kaloryczność.


Bumerang jest małą rybą z zielono żółtym środkiem i dark green stripes along the sides and edges of its body. It is horizontally symmetrical, and, as its name suggests, similar in shape to a real life boomerang.

From the Boomerang's top and bottom protrude long, slim, pointed fins extending diagonally backwards from its main body. The tips of these fins give off a cyan bioluminescent glow. It has four eyes, two on each side of its head, being respectively above and below of its mouth.


The Boomerang sways side-to-side as it swims. If approached by the player, it will eventually flee.

It is a fast swimmer, and is usually found to be very active during the day. During the night, it usually finds shelter near the caves or the seabed.

They are commonly seen in Shoals around the map.