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Ten artykuł jest o the Eyeye. Możliwe, że szukasz the Red Eyeye.

Szablon:Fauna The Eyeye is a small, passive, herbivorous fauna species. It can be caught and is edible. It possesses moderate food properties, and does not reduce hydration when consumed, making it a decent food source when a player is unable to cook any food.

Eyeyes are very common and appear in many biomes, also spawning in large numbers in the Jellyshroom Cave.


The Eyeye is minuscule in comparison with other common types of fish, with a pale green body and no discernible mouth.

The Eyeye possesses a comparably huge, singular eye, taking up most of its front section. It has four translucent blue bioluminescent fins, which are set in a cross pattern behind its eye.


The Eyeye swims around slowly and aimlessly, and often pauses in place to scan the area using its huge eyeball. It will flee from the player upon noticing them.

Oddly, other creatures can be seen 'bullying' Eyeyes by repeatedly swimming into them at high speeds, causing them to spin out of control. The reason for this is unknown.

Uses in Crafting[]

(cel nie został wykryty) (cel nie został wykryty)

Energy Value[]

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Data Bank Entry[]

An extreme evolutionary adaptation where 90% of the lifeform's body mass is dedicated to the ocular cavity.

1. Oversized Eyeball:
Deep-set rings in the lens suggest specialization for identifying its predators in low-light environments, long before they come into attack range.

2. Underdeveloped Fins:
Incapable of fast movement, this species is vulnerable to agile predators at close range. Shark species may have evolved hunting techniques to close on the eyeye unseen from above, below or behind.

This organism and the common peeper share a common evolutionary ancestor. While the eyeye has sacrificed maneuverability, it shares and enhances its cousin's powerful eyesight. The ancestral 'alpha peeper' may have been one of the first lifeforms on 4546B to develop eyesight, many millions of years ago.

Assessment: Edible (low calorie count)



  • There is a subspecies of the Eyeye called the Red Eyeye, which resides in the Inactive Lava Zone.