Category Fauna
Attitude/s Passive
Biome/s Safe Shallows
Active during Diurnal (Only Day)
Food Raw/Cooked +12/+21
H2O Raw/Cooked -8/+3

The Boomerang is a life form belonging to the fauna category.

It is usually found in the Safe Shallows biome, and is catchable and cookable. The Boomerang appears to be diurnal.

Appearance Editar

The Boomerang is a nimble, thin, and bony fish with a bright green center and dark green stripes along the sides and edges of its body. The Boomerang is horizontally symmetrical, and is, as its name suggests, shaped like a boomerang. Both its top and its bottom are essentially just long, skinny, pointed fins extending diagonally backwards from its face. The tips of these fins give off a white-ish blue bioluminescent glow. The Boomerang has four eyes, with two on each side of its head, one above its mouth and one below it. The Boomerang's mouth is fat-lipped and grubby, and is full of six dull, blunt teeth likely used for grinding coral or algae.


It moves with an unusual wobbling motion, swaying side-to-side as it swims. If approached by the player, It will almost always quickly flee.

Uses in CraftingEditar


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