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  • edit Subnautica vry cool
    edited by TastyDinosaurs1290 46 minutes ago diff
  • new page Subnautica vry cool
    created by TastyDinosaurs1290 47 minutes ago
    New page: "subnautica have cool" a guy named TastyDinosaurs1290 :)

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  • discussion page ladders in bioreactors
    created by Szaszy 6 hours ago


    Ok I have a solution, put a t corridor on the room that that the ladder goes up to, then place a hatch on the t corridor and go in a get rid... 



    Appearently creating an account makes an already written post void. Ladder in reactor still breaks the game. No construction or deconstruct... 

  • discussion page Talk:Bioreactor
    new comment by Mudsap 13 hours ago
    Comment: hiho sry nearly noone uses a nuce, it takes to much work and the bio is easy in use cya Mudsap
  • discussion page Talk:Wrecks
    new comment by RodrigoLOLxD 15 hours ago
    Comment: Actually if you have a nuclear reactor then maybe thats the issue. If you die and you got a nuclear reactor near you your death pda gets corrupted or...
  • discussion page Talk:Stillsuit
    new comment by RodrigoLOLxD 15 hours ago
    Comment: And ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) milk ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • discussion page Talk:Stillsuit
    new comment by RodrigoLOLxD 15 hours ago
    Comment: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • discussion page Talk:Stillsuit
    new comment by RodrigoLOLxD 15 hours ago
    Comment: Should've gotten blood oil from the blood kelp trench since the beginning
  • edit Bioluminescence
    edited by Jamintheinfinite 22 hours ago diff
    Summary: Undo revision 342407 by Agent Andrew martins (talk)
  • discussion page Talk:Kharaa Bacterium
    new comment by Arandomperson12345 23 hours ago
    Comment: We know that the precursors don't need biological bodies to live, as we know from Al-an being stored in a sanctuary. So why didn't the precursors...

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