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For the other rewards obtained in Steam, see Steam Badges.

Achievements are a feature of Subnautica and Below Zero. There are 17 achievements in the first game and 13 in the second. Achievements that are relatively easy to obtain are listed in green, medium difficulty in yellow, and harder to obtain are listed in red.

If the console is opened and/or Console Commands are used, Achievements will be disabled while in that same play session. To counter this, the game world must be reloaded without the console being opened. In Below Zero, console commands will permanently disable achievements for the save. If the game is in creative mode it will also disable the earning of achievements.

You can reset your achievements in the Steam version using the Console Command ResetAchievements. Note that this CANNOT be undone.

Achievements by Game


AchievementLQ.jpg Getting Your Feet Wet

Dive for the very first time

How to obtain: The easiest Achievement to earn, one must simply exit Lifepod 5 via the bottom hatch or jump into the water via the top hatch.

Achievement2.jpg Settling in for the Long Haul

Build a habitat

How to obtain: The player has to construct a Seabase module, which requires the Habitat Builder to build.

AuroraAchievement.jpg Extinction Event Avoided

Repair the Aurora's Drive Core

How to obtain: The player has to fix the breaches in the Aurora's drive core.

QEPAchievement.jpg Ancient Technologies

Find the Enforcement Platform

How to obtain: The player has to reach the Mountain Island and find the Quarantine Enforcement Platform.

SeamothAchievement.jpg Personal Propulsion

Construct a Seamoth

How to obtain: The player has to build a Seamoth.

PrawnAchievement.jpg Ordered the Prawn

Build a Prawn Suit

How to obtain: A Prawn Suit must be built in order to obtain this Achievement.

SeasideLivingwithanOceanViewAchievement.png Seaside Living with an Ocean View

Find the Degasi habitat on the floating island

How to obtain: The player has to discover Degasi Seabase on the Floating Island.

FollowtheDegasiAchievement.png Follow the Degasi

Find the Degasi habitat in the jellyshroom cave

How to obtain: The player must discover the Degasi Seabase in the Jellyshroom Cave.

SeamonstersAchievement.png Seamonsters

Find the Degasi habitat in the deep grand reef

How to obtain: The player must find the Degasi Seabase in the Deep Grand Reef and pickup PDAs there.

CutefishAchievement.jpg "Man's Best Friend"

Find and hatch a cuddlefish egg

How to obtain: The player must find one of the scattered Cuddlefish Eggs around the world, hatch it, and release it.

CyclopsAchievement.jpg 40-foot Sub For One

Build a cyclops

How to obtain: The player must own a Cyclops.

DRFAchievement.jpg Follow the Lost River

Find the Disease Research Facility

How to obtain: The player has to discover the Disease Research Facility in the Lost River.

ATPAchievement.jpg Thermal Activity

Find the Thermal Plant

How to obtain: The player must discover the Alien Thermal Plant inside the Lava Castle.

PCFAchievement.jpg Fourteen Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Find the Primary Containment Facility

How to obtain: The player must find and enter the Primary Containment Facility in the Lava Lakes.

OptimalHealthAchievement.png Optimal Health

Cure the infection

How to obtain: The player must communicate with the Sea Emperor Leviathan and hatch the Sea Emperor Infants in order to obtain Enzyme 42. The player must complete the entire healing cutscene in order to obtain the achievement.

TimeCapsuleAchievement.jpg Leave Only Time Capsules

Create and deploy a time capsule

How to obtain: A Time Capsule must be constructed and left in the world for another player to discover.

EndGameAchievement.jpg Go Among the Stars

Launch the neptune rocket

How to obtain: The player must find the blueprint, and construct the Neptune Escape Rocket, and escape from Planet 4546B.

Subnautica: Below Zero

Drop in The Ocean Achievement.png Drop in the Ocean

Locate your Drop Pod.

How to obtain: The player must locate/enter the Drop Pod in the Twisty Bridges.

Like Riding a Bike Achievement.png Like Riding a Bike

Ride a Snowfox.

How to obtain: Construct a Snowfox on the Snowfox Hoverpad and ride it.

Truckin' Achievement.png Truckin'

Construct a Seatruck.

How to obtain: The player must build a Seatruck.

Spy Pengling Achievement.png Spy Pengling

Construct a spy pengling.

How to obtain: Scan and fabricate a Spy Pengling.

Necessary Repairs Achievement.png Necessary Repairs

Repair the bridge.

How to obtain: Repair the bridge in the Glacial Bay using Hydraulic Fluid.

Xenobiology Achievement.png Xenobiology

Encounter a sapient alien lifeform.

How to obtain: Find Sanctuary Zero and initiate the download sequence in the storage cube's chamber.

Another Survivor Achievement.png Another Survivor

Find Marguerit's home.

How to obtain: Locate and enter Marguerit Maida's Base.

Pirate Radio Achievement.png Pirate Radio

Disable Alterra communications.

How to obtain: Insert the Test Override Module into the Communications Tower's maintenance port. Then head back down to the tower's terminal and select [Enter Test Mode].

Out of Mind Achievement.png Out of Mind

Construct an alien vessel.

How to obtain: Construct Al-An's Storage Medium at the Fabricator Base.

Jukebox Hero Achievement.png Jukebox Hero

Install a jukebox.

How to obtain: Construct a Jukebox inside a base using the Habitat Builder.

Dressed For The Weather Achievement.png Dressed For The Weather

Construct a cold suit.

How to obtain: Fabricate and equip all parts of the Cold Suit.

Finding the Cure Achievement.png Finding the Cure

Use the antidote.

How to obtain: Eliminate the Kharaa Pustules on the Frozen Leviathan by using the Kharaa Antidote.

Into The Unknown Achievement.jpg Into the Unknown

Leave 4546b.

How to obtain: Leave for the Architect planet with Al-An

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