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This article is about Alien Arches. You may be looking for Alien Arch Caches.

Alien Arches are large constructs of the Precursor Race. They resemble large gateways and have a bright green, semi-transparent portal within. The Prawn Suit and the Seamoth have the ability to enter Alien Arches.

When the player enters an Alien Arch, it plays an SFX similar to when a Warper warps the player.

Some of these are located within Alien Arch Caches, which are caverns containing the Alien Arches, found in certain biomes. Only one of these caches contains a Principal Arch, while the other five contain Auxiliary Arches. The player is able to walk on the seafloor when inside these caches.

Arch Types


The Principal Arches have pedestals and must be powered using an Ion Cube. They warp the player to an Auxiliary Alien Arch.


The Auxiliary Alien Arches do not have pedestals, and their corresponding Principal Alien Arches must be activated before these gates can be used.


Data Bank Entry

This structure's intended purpose is unclear.

Theories on Function:
- Ceremonial or religious role
- Industrial applications
- Advanced transportation network

Assessment: Further research required.

Scans indicate this arch was left inactive when the facility was abandoned. It likely served as an access point to the surface of the planet. It is much too small for the emperor to pass through, but would accommodate smaller lifeforms.