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The Alterra Corporation, or simply Alterra, is a Trans-Gov that funded the Aurora's mission to construct a phasegate in the Ariadne Arm and owns 9% of phasegates within the galaxy.[1] It also appears to be the manufacturer of many machines and tools in-game, as its logo is on many of them.

Despite being legally recognized as a Trans-Gov, Alterra considers itself a corporation. Its corporate structure is made up of an elected board of directors that appoints the overall CEO, appoints the CEOs of major subsidiaries, and makes major economic decisions. Alterra Corporation is made up of millions of smaller companies that are partially or fully owned by Alterra. The corporation makes money off these companies and in return provides expensive services such as starship production. More successful companies' CEOs have a shot at the board of directors. Employees for Alterra are entitled to a one-time share in the Alterra Corporation to afford payments of the Alterra dividend. An exception to these rules are contractors, who are paid by Alterra but are not strictly employees.

Alterra is heavily involved in the arms trade and made substantial amounts of money supplying weaponry to all warring factions during the period known as the Expansion. Their threats to cut off these supplies are said to have been a turning point in the conflict. Today, they are the top supplier to the Trans-System Federation. Alterra does not maintain a standing military, though they do have a police force. Civilian ownership of weapons within Alterra space is strictly controlled, with only the police able to bear arms.

Alterra is rather strict with policies related to resources, even keeping employees "on the clock" after catastrophic accidents. All resources gathered by such employees are company property and Alterra expects to be reimbursed for their full market value after the fact: in the case of Ryley Robinson, this led to a trillion-credit bill.

Databank Entries

Trans-Gov Profile: Alterra Corp.

One of largest suppliers of spacefaring technologies and consumer electronics in the federation

  • The official supplier of the TSF
  • Consistently ranked amongst the Galaxy's best employers
  • Began life as a defense manufacturer in the mid-22nd century
  • National Motto: 'Get what you deserve'

Although most trans-govs can trace their roots back to earth, Alterra - literally meaning 'by earth' - is the only one brazen enough to take its name.

During the Expansion, Alterra supplied arms to all sides, acquiring and housing a vast colonist workforce, and making the transition from manufacturer to coprorate state. Alterra's threat to cease trade was one of the turning points in the conflict, bringing about the end of hostilities and the signing of the Charter.

Today Alterra has a ban on all weapons within its borders, although loopholes exist for law enforcement officers and manufacturers / exporters. The corporation has learnt that violence is most profitable when conducted between customers rather than employees.

Free enterprise within Alterra space is encouraged, but competition is tight, and all goods exported offworld must be Alterra branded. Profitable businesses are bought out by the state, owners ascending to the Alterra Board of Directors. Well-known Alterra technologies such as the Cyclops submersible originated with such private enterprises.

Despite superficial similarities to national governments, the corporation's lawyers have always maintained that it has no legal obligation to its 'employees', but voluntarily elects to take on the roles usually served by a democratically elected government. This claim has not yet been tested in Federation courts.

Source: Pick up Abandoned PDA in the Aurora

Alterra Misplaces 1km Capital Ship Aurora

THE INDEPENDENT - Galactic News, Intergalactic Perspective

Contact has been lost with the Aurora some 18 months into its journey to install a phasegate in the Ariadne Arm, report inside sources.

Alterra launched the Aurora to much fanfare almost two years ago, and recently announced the ship had arrived in the destination solar system. The Aurora has reportedly now missed more than one routine check in.

Asked for comment, a spokesperson for Alterra said, 'Communication with ships outside of the phase gate network can take weeks or months in ordinary circumstances, and is commonly interrupted. The Aurora was in good shape and ahead of schedule the last time they checked in, we have no reason to think anything has changed.'

Nonetheless our sources emphasize that Alterra cannot yet explain the loss of contact, and given the exceptional value of the ship and its mission they are taking every possible measure to re-establish contact. Shareholders will be watching closely.

Keen readers will remember, however, that Alterra's network of directors have a history of leaking scare stories like this to the press, only for the trans-gov to rebound with positive news against the odds. Director's shareholdings and dealings are of course not public information.

Source: Abandoned PDA in Arctic Kelp Caves

Aurora Crash Interview - Alterra Spokesperson

SPOKESPERSON: We have recently confirmed that the Aurora has conducted an emergency landing on an uncharted planet, via a message relayed by the captain as he performed the manauver. Captain Hollister was experienced, and calm under pressure. We have every reason to expect he kept his crew and his ship in one piece. We are doing everything we can to re-establish contact, and to begin rescue operations. Thank you, and I'll take questions. Michael?

MICHAEL: What caused the crash?

SPOKESPERSON: The captain reported unexpected damage to the ship. No possibilities are being ruled out.

MICHAEL: How long will it take to get there?

SPOKESPERSON: The Aurora was more than a year beyond the furthest phase gate. The fastest ships will take nine months. But we are co-operating with the Mongolian States and other nearby trans-govs to see if they can get there sooner. You, with the glasses?

CLAUDE: This isn't a four-seater passenger shuttle that went down, this is a capital ship. Do you really expect survivors?

SPOKESPERSON: Losses of ships of this scale are rare, but not unheard of. When it does happen, it's rarely catastrophic. Crew losses in the past have generally been down to inadequate warnings, and failures of key survival systems- lifepods, oxygen, etc. We have armor-plating that can deflect a small nuclear explosion, but it doesn't begin to stand up to what a good-sized meteor can do. But those ships are built to stay together. There could be a quantum detonation of the drive core and the main evacuation routes would survive the blast.

CLAUDE: Where have they landed?

SPOKESPERSON: We hope to have that information soon. The ship had arrived in solar system 4546, where there are thought to be at least 11 orbital bodies larger than earth's moon. The area is not entirely unexplored, but it's new to us, and no one else has been taking notes. Whatever the case, the crew has all the equipment they need to build habitats and survive until rescue. Jess?

JESS: Do you have a plan to salvage the phasegate installation?

SPOKESPERSON: Of course. With the Aurora's cargo already most of the way to the build site it should be straight forward to send a replacement crew and make whatever repairs necessary.

JESS: Will there be a fall in the Alterra dividend?

SPOKESPERSON: Thank you, that's all we have time for.

Source: Abandoned PDA in the Twisty Bridges

Aurora Wreckage Located, Survivors Confirmed

Alterra has released voice recordings which confirm survivors of the Aurora crash. The transmission came from trade ship Sunbeam, which was passing nearby when it detected their SOS.

'Hey Alterra, we've got one of your birds in the soup over here. Looks like they took *Static* survivors. We're moving in for a closer look.'

While the number of survivors is not yet known, nor the true state of the ship, it is now known that she has landed with her hull largely intact, on planet 4546B. Smaller than earth and largely water-bound, it is thought the planet has a breathable atmosphere, and hopes have been raised all around.

The Sunbeam is registered as a 5-seater cargo vessel, insufficient to evacuate the crew or cargo of the Aurora, but perhaps enough to assess the situation and reassure shareholders at home that their investment is secure.

There is at least a one month delay on transmissions from that region of space. In the meantime Alterra is working on every possible solution, including an innovative idea to transmit the blueprints for a purpose built rocket which could be constructed using materials salvaged from the Aurora, and the planet itself. If the crew could begin their long journey home now the rescue teams could meet them halfway, shaving months off their return.

Alterra share prices rose to their quarterly high on the news.

Source: Abandoned PDA in the Koppa Mining Site

Alterra Assets




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  • Alterra Alms Communications[3]
  • Alterra Arms Company[26]
  • Alterra Negotiation Strategy[3]
  • Alterra Personnel Reduction Division[3]
  • Alterra Survival Systems[4]
  • Alterra Times[27]
  • Alterra Water Board[28]
  • Alterra Xeno Research Division[2]
  • Aurora Corp[27]
  • Intrepid Phasegates[27]
  • Seamoth Marketing Division[3]



  • In the game Natural Selection II, also made by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, the Alterra Corporation logo can be seen in multiple places, including on some maps, weapons, tools, and equipment.
    • This is one of several connections from Subnautica to Natural Selection II found within Subnautica.
  • A real-life company called Alterra (fully Alterra Mountain Company) was established in 2018. It is a conglomerate of a number of ski resorts owned by two parent investment companies.