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The Alterra Corporation, or simply Alterra, is a Trans-Gov that funded the Aurora's mission to construct a phasegate in the Ariadne Arm. It also appears to be the manufacturer of many machines and tools in-game, as its logo is on many of them. It is also likely that they funded the Degasi expedition, given the identical tools and equipment.

As stated in several PDA downloads, they appear to be a democratic corporation, with a president. However, they do not have a military force, though they do have a police force. It is also illegal to own weapons, with the exception being the police force. The survival knife is the only exception to other individuals. However, they are the top supplier to the Trans-System Federation. Per their citizen testimonials, one of their subsidiaries modified the seamoth to operate in space.

Oddly, when surviving alone on alien worlds, survivors are expected to pay the full market price if Alterra claims the planet's resources as their property. The bill can reach from millions to even one trillion credits, as was the case with Ryley Robinson

According to a Data Download, Alterra alone owns 9% of Phasegates within the galaxy, as shown here.

Trans-Gov Profile: Alterra Corp.Edit

Trans-Gov Profile: Alterra Corp.

- One of largest suppliers of spacefaring technologies and consumer electronics in the federation
- The official supplier of the TSF
- Consistently ranked amongst the Galaxy's best employers
- Began life as a defense manufacturer in the mid-22nd century
- National Motto: 'Get what you deserve'

Although most trans-govs can trace their roots back to earth, Alterra - literally meaning 'by earth' - is the only one brazen enough to take its name.

During the Expansion, Alterra supplied arms to all sides, acquiring and housing a vast colonist workforce, and making the transition from manufacturer to coprorate state. Alterra's threat to cease trade was one of the turning points in the conflict, bringing about the end of hostilities and the signing of the Charter.

Today Alterra has a ban on all weapons within its borders, although loopholes exist for law enforcement officers and manufacturers / exporters. The corporation has learnt that violence is most profitable when conducted between customers rather than employees.

Free enterprise within Alterra space is encouraged, but competition is tight, and all goods exported offworld must be Alterra branded. Profitable businesses are bought out by the state, owners ascending to the Alterra Board of Directors. Well-known Alterra technologies such as the Cyclops submersible originated with such private enterprises.

Despite superficial similarities to national governments, the corporation's lawyers have always maintained that it has no legal obligation to its 'employees', but voluntarily elects to take on the roles usually served by a democratically elected government. This claim has not yet been tested in Federation courts.


The Alterra logo can be seen on objects such as:


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