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The Amoeboid is a passive, immobile fauna species that dwells exclusively in the Lost River, found abundantly in almost all areas of it, usually in groups. Amoeboids cannot be interacted with, although they can be scanned or grabbed with a propulsion cannon.


Amoeboids have a blue interior body which is speckled with small, lighter cyan dots. Larger, irregularly shaped, semi-transparent cyan patches cover this body. From the inner body, tendrils protrude, connecting to the bright, transparent cyan outer body, which has a cracked texture.

Data Bank Entry


A simple, non-sentient organism, found attached to land with high levels of fossilized organic matter. It feeds on this matter until it reaches maturity, at which point it divides to create two new, genetically identical offspring, and the cycle continues.



  • Despite being a fauna species, the Sketchfab model is named "lost river plant 04", this is due to it being modeled at the same time as the Lost River flora despite never being intended to be one of them.