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Anchor Pods are a large flora species found exclusively in the Grand Reef and Deep Grand Reef. Anchor Pods serve only as decorations.


The Anchor Pod is comprised of a suspended blue orb with a jade green pattern on it, held in a maroon colored net of what appear to be its roots.

Anchor Pods emit a bright cyan-green bioluminescent glow.

Data Bank Entry

Anchor Pods Ency.png

These unusual flora specimens have been encountered exclusively in the deep reefs. They consist of a large, spherical, gas-filled membrane, anchored to the sea floor by its root system. At these depths it is unlikely this structure is designed to enhance access to sunlight, but rather the pods' ability to propagate. Once the pods attain sufficient height they burst, releasing spores which catch the currents and disperse around the local area.



  • Anchor Pods were originally named Floating Stones.
  • It was originally envisioned that the Anchor Pods would explode upon impact, thus creating a natural underwater minefield.[1]
  • Anchor Pods used to be much larger on average than the current ones in the game.