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The Ancient Ornamental Plant is a flora species that appears in Subnautica: Below Zero. It is found exclusively within the Deep Lilypads Cave Cache.


The majority of the plant appears as a creased, trunk-like stem, grown in a spiral-like fashion. Clusters of green buds can be seen attached to the plant's stem, along with subtle vegetation as indicated by the green streaks all over the plant. What appears to be a large yellow fruit can be seen hanging from the end of the stem. The fruit is surrounded by the plant's twisting stem, suggesting some form of protection.

Databank Entry

Ancient Ornamental Plant
Lantern Plant Ency.png

Molecular scans point to an incredibly slow cell metabolism, which is backed up by carbon dating. The plant cells appear to be engaged in a process known as transdifferentiation. This process alters the state of cells and transforms them to a new cell type over time. Through this process, the plant continuously replaces any poor biological material, allowing it to potentially live for incredibly long periods of time.

The carefully regulated structure of this plant’s cellular biology - and the intentional nature of its display amongst other alien artifacts - suggest that the Architects designed and cultivated this plant for some kind of aesthetic or cultural purpose that we can only speculate about.

Source: Scan Ancient Ornamental Plants