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The Antennae Plant is a flora species found in the Lilypad Islands and Lilypads Crevice.

Antennae Plant can be harvested for their fruit, which can be farmed in a Exterior Growbed underwater as a Food & Water source. However, only one fruit can grow at a time. This fruit will also naturally regrow in wild plants.


The flower has layering red, magenta and purple petals with a fluorescent green stem protruding from the yellow bulb like body of the flower, the bottom of which all the petals sprout from.

Data Bank Entry

Antennae Plant
Small Maroon Flower Ency.png

This species is noteworthy for its colorful leaves, which attract the attention of nearby herbivores. The hungry fish who devour the antennae fruit will then spread the plant's seeds across the biome, perpetuating its life cycle.

Source: Scan Antennae Plants



  • The Antennae Plant was originally called the Maroon Plant
    • The Antennae Fruit was originally called the Maroon Plant Fruit
    • The Antennae Seed was originally called the Maroon Plant Seed