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This article is about the Aquarium. You may be looking for the Alien Containment.

The Aquarium is an Appliance that can be built inside the Cyclops or a Seabase module using a Habitat Builder.

It can hold up to eight slots of the small Life Forms which are categorized as Food. They can be added by clicking on the aquarium to bring up its Inventory menu, and placing the fauna. Only edible creatures can be placed inside. Interestingly, they can be taken out and eaten without any signs of decomposition.

As opposed to the Alien Containment, fauna will not breed in the Aquarium.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

If a creature infected with the Kharaa Bacterium is placed in an aquarium, the bacterium will infect all other creatures present.


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Data Bank Entry

The aquarium is designed to hold and sustain up to eight small aquatic organisms, and fits inside a regular multipurpose habitat room.

Aquatic creatures make up 70% of all known species, making the aquarium a commonly deployed tool in many exploratory operations. It is just as often used to house livestock for later consumption as it is to hold specimens for xeno research. An automated environment regulation system means there's no need to feed or care for your subjects.

NB Due to its size the regular aquarium is not rated for breeding applications, and creatures are highly unlikely to mate. Construct a full size alien containment unit for this purpose.


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