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The Architect Phase Gate Facility is an Alien Base near Outpost Zero.

Depending on whether the player has already acquired Al-An or not, a forcefield will prevent entry. Should Al-An be in Robin's head, it will shut down upon approach.


Beyond the entryway is the Power Room, a chamber containing a generator, used to channel energy to the warp gate. Towards the back of the chamber is an archway to large room that contains a deactivated teleporter. Once Al-An acquires his body, he will be able to activate both the generator and the Back Room teleporter.

This teleporter leads to a corridor attached to the facility's Shuttle Platform. Once the player travels through this gate, they cannot go back. However, the player is not allowed to save the game once entering the portal so you will not become permanently stuck, and it is advised to save before going in to make sure progress leading up to this point is not lost.


The Shuttle Platform is a large structure attached to the side of a mountain. The upper section of the platform holds a terminal, which Al-An uses to a set course to his homeworld. Two diverging ramps lead to the lower section of the platform. The lower area is octagonally structured with a landing pad situated at the center. Six energy masts can be seen on the furthest corners of the platform, four of which are idly levitating, and two that have collapsed. The player must repair two of these masts with the mechanical limbs Al-An provides. Al-An will use these to fabricate a consciousness-driven shuttle.

The Phase Gate is housed within a sealed pit beyond the platform. Designed for interplanetary travel, the structure greatly exceeds the size of a standard teleporter. It is later seen upheld by thrusters.


While the player can find Architect Phase Gate Facility at any point in the story, it can only be accessed once Al-An has taken residence in Robin's mind.

Once Al-An has acquired a new vessel, he suggests that Robin meet with him at the site. Once Robin arrives at the facility, Al-An repairs the Power Room's generator. Al-An warps to and enables the teleporter in the Back Room. He reminds Robin to complete any business she has left in Sector Zero. He passes through it shortly after.

Upon exiting the teleporter, Al-An reveals the Phase Gate to Robin, rising from a pit far beyond the platform. Al-An provides two of his mechanical limbs for her to repair the damaged energy masts, in order assemble a shuttle. After doing so, Al-An teleports to the center of the platform, and transforms the masts into a Shuttle that he integrates his consciousness into.

There are two alternative dialogues that occur within the shuttle. If Robin completes Sam Ayou's story, she will comment on how she found all the answers she was looking for. If not, she decides to leave the past behind.

Shortly after the shuttle launches, they pass through the gate, and traverse through an asteroid field. After entering a second Warp Gate, they arrive at the homeworld.



  • The Architect Phase Gate Facility was previously known as Alien Research Site Zero.
  • The Architect Phase Gate Facility was originally planned to be unlocked with the White Tablet which was later changed to be unlocked by Al-An's presence.
  • The Architect Phase Gate Facility originally had the ability to activate an orbital shield around the planet.
    • This was used in the story by the cut character Serik Jevov in order to isolate Robin on the planet to take Al-An for himself.
    • There is a bug where the portal won't spawn.