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This article is about the Arctic Spires. You may be looking for the Arctic or the Sparse Arctic.
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A stark surface landscape. Dangerously cold. Curved spires stretch to the sky


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The Arctic Spires is a very large above-water biome in Below Zero.

This biome borders the Glacial Bay.


The area appears as a frozen landscape, with a flat ice sheet broken up by huge spires of ice jutting up from below. It would appear the sea level has dropped since the ice spires formed, or the spires were thrust upwards, as the spires each have a large mass of ice a short way up above the floor, implying that this was once the level of the surrounding ice sheet. Ore Veins can be found scattered across the biome.

There are two entrances to the biome, both being located in the Glacial Bay. The first entrance requires the player to refuel an Alterra Bridge with Hydraulic Fluid in order to gain access to the biome. The second entrance is a narrow, underwater tunnel, adjacent to an architect cable, gated by a wall of ice that can be unsealed by the player using a Laser Cutter; however, the player cannot cut through the wall unless they are within the tunnel itself, which is accessible from within the Arctic Spires.

A valley possessing an Ice Worm carcass along with other skeletal remains can be found in the northeastern corner of the biome. Directly west of it is the Arctic Spires Cache. At the center of the valley, a meteor seems to have recently landed, with large Silver Ore and Titanium deposits on it that can be mined.

Two blue Trivalve eggs can be found inside a cave in the valley on the western side, near a frozen river.

Tunnels dug out by the Ice Worms contain ore veins and large Copper and Titanium deposits.

On the eastern side of the biome, an Architect Artifact known as a Greenhouse is located in a cave alongside an Ion Cube. On the southwestern region, a scannable Architect Cabling can be found inside a large cave.

Towards the northern, centermost part of the biome, a Principal Architect Teleporter chamber can be found inside of a cave. A breach in the chamber leads to an Alterra site with a dilapidated but functioning Architect elevator. The elevator leads to the biome’s sealed underwater entrance. A Jukebox Disk can be found on a crate right in front of the elevator at the bottom.

Three Large Ion Cube Deposits can be found in a cave, behind a doorway, on the northwestern region the biome. Right below said cave, there's a Spy Pengling Site with two Ion Cubes.



  • Early in development, the Arctic Spires' biome ID was hoverzone2.
    • This makes the Arctic Spires one of the three original "Hover" biomes, the other two being the Glacial Basin (hoverarea) and the cut Hoverzone 3.
  • The Arctic Spires used to have an alternative exit that would lead to the cut Ice Sheet biome and ended in the Arctic Kelp Forest.