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The Arctic Spires Cache is an Architect Base in the Arctic Spires containing the tissues fragment for Al-An's Storage Medium, as well as once serving as a mining site for the components to create Ion Cubes.

The cache can only be accessed if the player approaches it with Al-An inside their head.


The Arctic Spires Cache is located within a rocky enclosure surrounded by clusters of luminous Crystal growths. The cache boasts a large platform, with a ramp constructed on the right side. The left of the platform features a microscope, along with three crystals atop a large table. Above the table is a claw mechanism securing a crystal in place. Two specimen cases are located at either side of the platform, each containing a sample of the surrounding crystals. Located towards the back of the platform, a pile of rubble obstructs the player from going any further into the cache. Burrowed beneath the rubble is an Architect storage medium with the arm exposed; scanning it will unlock the tissues blueprint for Al-An’s body.

The area was likely established as a mining installation, indicated by the columns, beams, and several mounted claw arms erected to form an apparatus for dislodging the nearby crystals for study.



  • The Architect Skeletal Structure blueprint was initially located within this cache until it was swapped out with the tissues.
  • The cache was originally meant to be opened with a Purple Tablet before being changed to be opened with Al-An.
    • This eventually led to issues where players could soft-lock the story by using/losing all the Ion Cubes in the world, making crafting a Purple Tablet impossible.