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This is Avery Quinn of trading ship Sunbeam. Aurora, do you read? Over.

― Avery Quinn


Avery Quinn is the captain of the Sunbeam. Over time, several messages are broadcasted to the player's radio by the Sunbeam, in hope of getting a response. Avery informs the survivors that the Sunbeam is aware of the Aurora's situation, and that they are coming to rescue them. He also mentions that he was obligated by law to respond to the Aurora's distress signal, despite losses to his own profit. During the rescue attempt, the Sunbeam is tragically destroyed after the Quarantine Enforcement Platform fires upon it, and Avery and the rest of the crew are killed.

However, if the player disables the Quarantine Enforcement Platform before the Sunbeam arrives, Avery will inform them that a landing cannot be attempted due to large amounts of debris orbiting the planet, meaning that he and his crew survive.


Radio Messages

Day and Message Number Dialogue
Log-128.png Day 9, Message 1 "This is Avery Quinn of trading ship Sunbeam. Aurora, do you read? Over.
Still nothing. These Alterra ships. They run out of engine grease, they send an SOS; you offer to help, they don't pick up.
Aurora, we're out on the far side of the system, it's going to take more than a week to reach your position, do you still need our assistance? Over.
I'll try them again tomorrow. See what the long-range scanner picks up in the meantime. Damn charter's going to have us wasting our profit margin running errands for Alterra."
Log-128.png Day 13, Message 2 Aurora, this is Sunbeam again. We just picked up a massive debris field at your location.
I didn't know how bad... How many of you... I didn't know.
We are now en route to your location. We're going to bring you home. Sunbeam out.

What else can I say? The last time I parked a rig this big on a rock that small was in VR, and I blew it
Oh, it's a bad option alright, but so are all the others.
Log-128.png Day 19, Message 3 This is Sunbeam. Y'know, Aurora, we're from a little trans-gov on the far side of Andromeda, and we have a saying there.
There's no bad without the good, no good without the bad.
Sounds like you tasted a bunch of the former, but that only means you're overdue a whole lot of the latter.
Might just be we're it.
We're scanning for somewhere to park as we speak, we'll be in touch when we find it. Sunbeam out.

Log-128.png Day 21, Message 4 Aurora, we're approaching the planet now, and we have a landing site for you that's... well, it's better than the alternatives.
We've sent you the coordinates.
It'll take us a couple of days to align our orbit, we should be able to establish direct contact with you during that time, then we're coming in to get you.
Cross your fingers the weather holds, and don't leave us waiting. Sunbeam out.

Final Dialogue

Conditions to meet Dialogue
Log-128.png Player is present at Quarantine Enforcement Platform "Survivor, we see you!
Man, I don't know how you held out down there.
We've broken atmosphere and we're descending towards the landing site.
Is that a building down there?! What do you mean you can't identify it?
Hold on, no turning back now *Static*
Positions everyone, touching down in 10, 9, 8-
It's coming from the building?! Change course, set thrusters to (full)- *Static*
Log-128.png Player is absent at Quarantine Enforcement Platform "PDA: Picking up orbital transponder signature of trading vessel Sunbeam.
Vessel is approaching planet surface and initiating surface scanning procedures.
Detecting massive power surge from anomalous contact. Energy discharge detected.
Vessel signature lost."

Player disables the Quarantine Enforcement Platform before Sunbeam arrives

"Aurora survivors, this is trading ship Sunbeam.
We've tracked your distress signal, but your ship's left a giant debris field up in orbit, we can't attempt a landing.
We're gonna have to head home.
We'll send our data to Alterra as soon as we can. Hold on in there. Sunbeam, out."


  • Avery Quinn is voiced by Tony Porter, a friend of one of the game's developers, Scott Thunelius.
  • Avery Quinn went through a voice change about halfway into development. Though still voiced by Tony Porter, the tone was shifted. On top of this, more background audio was added.
  • The Sunbeam is a Bulldog class ship of Alterra design, and has the Alterra logo on its bottom, despite the fact that Avery Quinn is not part of Alterra.