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Performing self-scan. Vital signs normal. No remaining sign of bacterial infection.

― PDA, Dialogue


Baby Leviathan Enzymes are a concentrated mass of Enzyme 42 occasionally dropped by Sea Emperor Babies. The player can interact with the Baby Leviathan Enzymes, and doing so will cure the player of the Kharaa Bacterium.


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OptimalHealthAchievement.png Optimal Health

Cure the infection

How to obtain: The player must communicate with the Sea Emperor Leviathan and hatch the Sea Emperor Infants in order to obtain Enzyme 42. The player must complete the entire healing cutscene in order to obtain the achievement.



  • Baby Leviathan Enzymes are blacklisted so they cannot be spawned in. This is to prevent sequence breaking.
  • Baby Leviathan Enzymes used to be green.
  • The Player used to be able to pick up Baby Leviathan Enzymes by using a Prawn Suit or Propulsion Cannon, but this has been since removed.