This article is about the Basic Compartment in Subnautica. To see this subject's article on the Below Zero Wiki, click here.

The Basic Compartment is the most basic Seabase module. It is constructed with the Habitat Builder, and can be placed on top of a Foundation, although it is possible to build off the foundation. The Compartment module can be deconstructed, but all attached components on that single module must be deconstructed first.

At the surface, a Basic Compartment has a Hull Integrity level of 9 and every Basic Compartment added reduces the integrity by -1 level. During placement, it can be rotated using the mouse wheel by default.


  • Hatches can be placed on the side-panels, the end-panels, and both the floor and ceiling.
  • Windows can be placed on the side-panels, the end-panels, and the ceiling.
  • Ladders can be placed on the floor and ceiling when there is an adjacent seabase module to connect.
  • Reinforcements and Wall Planters can be placed on the side-panels.
  • The Basic Compartment can be expanded with other modules from its two end-panels.
  • Smaller components such as the Fabricator can be placed inside as well.


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