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This article is about Basic Materials. You may be looking for Raw Materials or Advanced Materials.
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Materials are part of the resources branch of the Fabricator, along with Electronics.

They are gained from Raw Materials through crafting.


Item Description Item ID
1x1 default bg.png
Enameled Glass Icon.png
Enameled Glass
Glass, hardened using a natural substrate. enameledglass
1x1 default bg.png
Fiber Mesh Icon.png
Fiber Mesh
Strong natural fiber. Comfy. fibermesh
1x1 default bg.png
Glass Icon.png
SiO4. Pure fused quartz glass. glass
1x1 default bg.png
Lubricant Icon.png
Naturally-derived, oil-based lubricant. Industrial applications. lubricant
1x1 default bg.png
Plasteel Ingot Icon.png
Plasteel Ingot
Ultra-strong synthetic construction material. plasteelingot
1x1 default bg.png
Silicone Rubber Icon.png
Silicone Rubber
Synthetic, silicone-based rubber. silicone
1x1 default bg.png
Titanium Icon.png
Ti. Basic building material. titanium
1x1 default bg.png
Titanium Ingot Icon.png
Titanium Ingot
Ti. Condensed titanium bar. titaniumingot