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Albert. I know it's not your fault, but it would really help me do my job if you'd bring me what I asked for. Thanks for your time.

― Berkeley, Aurora Engineering Drone - Log


Berkeley was an engineer on-board the Aurora. Berkeley managed to escape in Lifepod 2 with his friend CTO Yu. He was not with Yu when she reached the Floating Island, it can be assumed he died on the journey and Yu was forced to abandon him.


Prior to the crash of the Aurora, Berkeley and Yu were testing a new drone, and Berkeley asks the drone to retrieve a Propulsion Cannon for him, but the drone retrieves a Repulsion Cannon instead. Berkeley tells the drone to get him a Propulsion Cannon, and Yu tells him that she's changed its programming and it's like him now; it doesn't like being told what to do. Berkeley begins to try again, but Yu says that the drone's name is Albert now. He calmly and politely asks the newly named Albert for a Propulsion Cannon, which the drone retrieves for him. He then tells the drone to go away, and remarks to Yu that her hobby isn't making his job any easier or safer.

Post Crash

After escaping with Yu, he asks her what they need to do, and Yu responds that they need to get a distress call, gear, and make it to the surface. However, Berkeley does not appear with Yu after she gets to the Floating Island, and it can be presumed that he was either killed, or Yu left him.



Berkeley and Yu have a very positive relationship, and appear to be close. Despite Yu having a higher position than Berkeley, she treats him as an equal and often teases him. It is possible that the PDA detailing her birthday was written by Berkeley.

The two manage to get into a Lifepod together, although whether this was due to convenience or they happened to be together is unknown.

Upon meeting Second Officer Keen at the Floating Island, Berkeley is not present with Yu, implying he had died or Yu was forced to abandon him.

Relevant Data Downloads

Lifepod 2 Chief Technical Officer Yu's Voicelog (T+2min)

CTO YU: Flotation devices failed!

 *Sound of flooding*

BERKELEY: We're flooding, evacuate!

CTO YU: Wait, I can reconfigure the O₂ system to act as a bilge pump!

BERKELEY: It's working!


CTO YU: OK, good news: we're alive, and we've stopped sinking.


CTO YU: The O₂'s going to run out in 30 minutes and we're 500 meters down.

BERKELEY: What do we do?

CTO YU: We use the remaining juice to send a distress call and build whatever gear we can, then we find a way to the surface.

Aurora Engineering Drone - Log

[Exiting sleep mode. Loading voice recognition. Engineer Berkeley and Chief Technology Officer Yu identified.]

BERKELEY: Drone, get me a propulsion cannon.

[Repulsion cannon retrieved]

CTO YU: Hey, Berkeley! Install that circuit box with that repulsion cannon and you'll punch a hole in the cargo bay.

BERKELEY: Damnit, drone, I said PRO-pulsion, not RE-pulsion. Recalibrate sensors!

[Sensors recalibrated]

CTO YU: Sensors aren't the problem. I tweaked the program. It's like you now, it doesn't like being told what to do.

BERKELEY: Drone, I know-

CTO YU: His name's Albert now.

BERKELEY: Albert. I know it's not your fault, but it would really help me do my job if you'd bring me what I asked for. Thanks for your time.

[Propulsion cannon retrieved]

BERKELEY: Thank you. Now go away.

[Entering hibernation mode]

BERKELEY: Boss, this hobby of yours ain't making my job any easier. Or safer.

CTO YU: Maybe so, but it's all that's stopping me from being so bored I take a spacewalk in my skivvies.