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Bioluminescence is a type of illumination created by many Flora species and the vast majority of Fauna species on Planet 4546B. Most bioluminescent life forms cannot generate light bright enough to help the player with night time navigation. 

Bioluminescent Life Forms


Biophosphorescence is a much lesser observed phenomenon on Planet 4546B, only being exhibited in-game by the Glow Fungus.

Biophosphorescence is the property of a substance to absorb electromagnetic wavelengths from the visible light spectrum and then release this energy as their own light, even for a while after the initial light source has been removed.


  • The Stalker and Lava Lizard are the only two fauna having no bioluminescent glands.
    • The Lava Lizard can don a glowing lava shell, but this is not bioluminescence. The glow comes from the lava, not through a biological function of the lava lizard itself.
  • Bioluminescence is used by many real-life animals for counter-illumination, luring prey, attracting mates, confusing predators, mimicking other animals, communication, and as a warning to would-be predators.
  • The Rockgrub is the only creature in Subnautica with bioluminescence that can light up the surrounding terrain.