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Subnautica: Below Zero features a similar style of map as Subnautica, wherein the map is separated into individual biomes, each with their own unique set of landscapes, fauna, and flora and sometimes lore (e.g. the Koppa mining site).


Above Water Biomes

Biome Depth Range Resources Points of Interest
Arctic Spires Biome.png
Arctic Spires
Above sea level

Delta Island Biome.jpg
Delta Island
Above sea level

Glacial Basin Biome.png
Glacial Basin
Above sea level

Glacial Bay Biome.jpg
Glacial Bay
Above sea level - 70 meters

Underwater Biomes

Biome Depth Range Resources Points of Interest
Arctic Biome.jpg
0 - 480 meters

Arctic Kelp Forest Biome.png
Arctic Kelp Forest
20 - 150 meters


Lilypad Islands Biome.png
Lilypad Islands
0 - 340 meters

Purple Vents Biome.png
Purple Vents
0 - 160 meters

Shallow Twisty Bridges Biome.png
Shallow Twisty Bridges
0 - 40 meters


Sparse Arctic Biome.png
Sparse Arctic
0 - 140 meters


Thermal Spires Biome.jpg
Thermal Spires
0 - 280 meters


Tree Spires Biome.png
Tree Spires
70 - 460 meters

Twisty Bridges Biome.jpg
Twisty Bridges
50 - 240 meters

World Edge Biome.png
World Edge
0 - 8192 meters



Underwater Caves

Biome Depth Range Resources Points of Interest
Arctic Kelp Caves Biome.png
Arctic Kelp Caves
40 - 140 meters

Crystal Caves Biome.png
Crystal Caves
320 - 720 meters

Deep Lilypads Cave Biome.png
Deep Lilypads Cave
320 - 630 meters

Deep Purple Vents Biome.jpg
Deep Purple Vents
160 - 480 meters

Deep Twisty Bridges Biome.png
Deep Twisty Bridges
250 - 380 meters

Fabricator Caverns Biome.jpg
Fabricator Caverns
630 - 950 meters

Glacial Connection Biome.png
Glacial Connection
0 - 230 meters


Koppa Mining Site Biome.jpg
Koppa Mining Site
90 - 300 meters

Lilypads Crevice Biome.jpg
Lilypads Crevice
180 - 380 meters

Thermal Spires Caves Biome.jpg
Thermal Spires Caves
50 - 245 meters

Twisty Bridges Caves Biome.jpg
Twisty Bridges Caves
170 - 200 meters