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The Bleeder is a parasitic fauna species mainly dwelling in the Aurora and the Deep Sparse Reef.

Several Bleeders can be found in the underwater sections of the Aurora, with a large mass being located in the submerged area of the Aurora's Drive Core.


The Bleeder is a small, parasitic creature resembling a cross between a leech and a tick. It has four retractable blue tentacles, as well as four small fangs, surrounding its mouth that are used to grab onto its prey and extract the blood.

Its body is segmented, ending with a transparent bloated sac with swimming fins on both sides. It also has rows of fleshy protrusions running along its body.

The entire body of the Bleeder seems to emit a faint bioluminescent glow.


Bleeders usually swarm and are hostile to any fauna, both dead and alive, as well as to the player. They tend to gather themselves into a swarm and swim after the player within a small radius, after sensing their presence. Bleeders are attracted to blood, including from other Bleeders. Be cautious when killing one, as many more may come.

They attack the player by attaching themselves to the player's arm and start sucking blood, causing the transparent sac to fill up with red fluid. This causes very little damage, but it adds up over time. The Bleeder's attack will lower the food level of the player as well, so the player may starve while being under attack.

The player needs to punch the Bleeder with their free arm in order to kill it; if the player happens to hold a tool in their free hand, the player can use it to remove the creature by pressing the same button or key used to perform the tool's function normally. If the Propulsion Cannon or Repulsion Cannon is equipped, the player will instead grab the Bleeder and can jettison it away. However, if a Thermoblade is used, the Bleeder will detach with a single hit, while other tools require two to three strikes. The other way to force the Bleeder to release its grip is to swim for a certain distance.

When a Bleeder kills another creature, it will not detach itself, but rather continue to suck blood from it. This is likely to continue to consume remaining blood inside the body.

Bleeders have been observed attempting to latch onto the Seamoth. When this happens, the Bleeder fails to attach and is damaged from slamming into the Seamoth, usually resulting in its death.

Data Bank Entry


A simple parasitic organism, little more complex than the common space tick, but just as dirty.

1. Ductile Sack:
Used for collection and digestion of blood drawn from host creatures.

2. Jaw:
Rows of teeth and mandibles used to attach to the skin of its victims.

3. Behavior:
The bleeder's low speed and poor defenses suggest they have evolved primarily as carrion feeders, but they are also prone to target larger living creatures which are less likely to notice and take action against this parasite.

Assessment: Inconvenient and unhygienic - Avoid or incapacitate



  • When you kill a bleeder, a different bleeder will come and eat the dead body.