• Googleplex23

    Where do you prefer to build your base?

    I prefer the underwater islands :)

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  • Socially awkward penguin

    so there’s basic subnautica, and subnautica below zero which is about ice. after below zero, do you think there should be a game about fire subnautica?

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  • Remember Bubblebut

    Ok so what i thought would happen happened. Fandom has been blocked in my school district. The old Remember Bubbl3butt is no longer active. This is the new one. Bubblebut. With one t. I cant even shut down my old account because i cant access the pgae for it. So i guess im siging off now. This is a horrible layout on the phone, but im going to have to work with it. Ill still post about my hardcore, so yeah.

    Until next time, friends! -Remember Bubblebutt

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  • Googleplex23

    My prawn fell through the floor of the PCF aquarium and I can't get it back in because there are invisible walls.

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  • GreggTheKid

    Oh boy...

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  • 0027582a

    Have all parts for cyclopse but ONE hull piece DONT SAY MUSHROOM FOREST not many spawn there for me. plz help.

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  • Coolman0214

    Should i do a race with my friend

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  • ForensicArsonist

    I'm in love

    May 9, 2019 by ForensicArsonist

    Subnautica is beautiful. Teeming with quirky lifeforms, it is the ocean lover's dream. I've always loved the ocean, and when I found this game, I was hesitant to get it. But, after I got it, I discovered that it was perfect for me. I want to thank the developers for this wonderful experience that I'll never forget, and for not giving up despite the vast amount of content they had to make. And finally, I want to thank the people here for enhancing my experience.

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  • Unknown the anonymous
    • First people i like (also trust)
      • Tueman
      • Jamintheinfinite
    • now for the songs

      • here's the first one, created by linkin park, gives a somewhat sad feeling Iridescent
      • here is the second one, also by linkin park, it's an inspiring one In My Remains
      • the third, by Starset, nothing to say on it except it's really good: Satellite
      • fourth, by Owl City, it's a happy like rythm to it: Fireflies
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  • AnomalyDetected

    In the latest update to the Cut Content page, a new source was introduced. I wanted to clear up why it is currently listed under my name.

    In light of the sharing of the document, we realized the original document had edit permissions on. I quickly made a copy to make sure no edits to the original content were made, and the original file was locked. The copy you view on the page is an exact replica with only two changes: The title and the fact wrapping is enabled.

    If anyone has any concerns at all, please contact me to check in. I apologize to anyone who might've been confused as to the background of this new document.

    Thank you all for coming to my TedTalk.

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