Datsubandepfan Datsubandepfan 4 April


welcome to my tutorialn't! here i will teach you the basics to this game called subnautica. also please dont listen this is a joke

  1. get everything you have in your storage
  2. get out of the life pod and throw it all in a cave
  3. find a deep cave and dive into it. deeper means more resources
  4. if you died, thats not a problem! you can swim near aurora to get some basic resources. also ignore radiation. it kills rarely
  5. grab every thing you can find and then come near the back of aurora.
  6. try avoiding big fish. you have to get to the back of aurora
  7. after getting there swim as far as possible

u will find resources there! hope u liked my guide.

this is a joke

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Curious alt Curious alt 15 April

I found this subnautica card game idea!

Still a basic plan but I had an idea for a subnautica card game and I thought I'd write It down here.

There are 5 card zones at the beginning, one deeper ocean, three oceans and a shallows.

There are four card types:

- Creature

- Biome

- Item

- Spell

Creatures are the attackers and defenders of your health. There are two types, predators and prey. Predators have high stats and take life when sacrificed. Prey has low stats and restore life when sacrificed, however they can be buffed by certain items to balance their low attack. Most creatures are summoned in the basic ocean biome but the more powerful, like reapers and sea dragons, will need specific biomes explained later.

Well not that far later, Biomes are cards placed on top of the basic card z…

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MaverickAtom MaverickAtom 31 March

Alright. I need tips.

So I'm currently doing a new game and I need things to do and maybe some tips I don't know about.

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i'm scared of ampeels

so yea i did not know that ampeels can damage the cyclops...

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TeamTrees! TeamTrees! 25 February

My Subnautica Story

/QEP/ ///Unknown ship entering planet, Activating laser///

/Holister/ what theeeeeee

///Alarm Activates///

/Holister/ Get In The Life Pods!

/riley/ (gets knocked out inside pod for 3 hours)

/PDA/ You Have Suffered Head Trauma, The Aurora Was Shot Down By A Mysterious, Unknown Source. Please Survey the Water for Any Resources.

1 hour later

/PDA/ The Habitat Builder Is A Tool Used For Building Bases. Bases Will Give you A Place To Settle Down And Calm Down.

5 hours later

/radio:sunbeam/ Alright, we're on our way into orbit, please go to the coordinates we sent to your PDA, we will be there, Cross your fingers, the weather holds, Dont Leave Us Waiting.

/QEP/ ///Unknown ship entering, activating laser///

/sunbeam/ What Is that??!! Set Thrusters To Full, …

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Sidfurry153 Sidfurry153 27 April

My Top 5 Favorite Advanced Materials

Without much reason, my favorite Advanced Materials of Subnautica in order are:

1. Aerogel

2. Benzene

3. Hydrochloric Acid

4. Polyaniline

5. Synthetic Fibers

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Baselerson Baselerson 3 March

Strategy Gameplay

Hello, Heather here! I'm writing this blog so everyone reading can complete the Subnautica gameplay! I'll be opening a new save, look for new updates every other week!

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top ten best Broadway

top ten best Broadway quotes

10.you can't buy integrity at the mall its not for sale- Janice, cautionary tale, mean girls

9.once and for all something tells me the tide will be turning- jack kelly, once and for all, newsies

8.they'll tear each other into pieces jeases Crist this will be fun- king George III, you'll be back reprise 1, Hamilton

7.high schools a boint social crse- mathlet 1, do this thing, mean girls

6. pshhhhhhhhhh the cafeteria- niome ladrecas, one school, 21 chump street

5.and ugly crying- Janice, revenge party, mean girls

4. dad said act our age you heard the man its time to rave- ram sweeny, big fun, heathers

3.still...you...earned that red scrunchy- the dead, yo girl, heathers

2. everything is legal in new jersey- Phillip Hamilt…

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BlackLord101 BlackLord101 19 April



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Swim closer... Swim closer... 24 March

eee... jestem tu nowy

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