• Socially awkward penguin

    so there’s basic subnautica, and subnautica below zero which is about ice. after below zero, do you think there should be a game about fire subnautica?

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  • Remember Bubblebut

    Ok so what i thought would happen happened. Fandom has been blocked in my school district. The old Remember Bubbl3butt is no longer active. This is the new one. Bubblebut. With one t. I cant even shut down my old account because i cant access the pgae for it. So i guess im siging off now. This is a horrible layout on the phone, but im going to have to work with it. Ill still post about my hardcore, so yeah.

    Until next time, friends! -Remember Bubblebutt

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  • Ryanmcnabb1


    July 19, 2019 by Ryanmcnabb1

    if you are the creators of subnautica make a nutrient block fabricator to go with the water filter machine

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  • ForensicArsonist

    I'm in love

    May 9, 2019 by ForensicArsonist

    Subnautica is beautiful. Teeming with quirky lifeforms, it is the ocean lover's dream. I've always loved the ocean, and when I found this game, I was hesitant to get it. But, after I got it, I discovered that it was perfect for me. I want to thank the developers for this wonderful experience that I'll never forget, and for not giving up despite the vast amount of content they had to make. And finally, I want to thank the people here for enhancing my experience.

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  • GreggTheKid

    I'm Back!

    August 20, 2019 by GreggTheKid

    So i've been at my grandmas vegging. No, i haven't been playing Subnautica, i have been playing it here and there, i've been addicted to Warframe. But the reason i haven't been playing Subnautica is because im waiting for the next adventure... A Adventure That's Below Zero... But if you want to friend me on Xbox One, my user is imp543.

    I'll be back for a good bit! until the summer rolls in again..... 

    But until then.

    Im looking foward to being with this Amazing Community again!


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  • Subnauticalman


    June 30, 2019 by Subnauticalman

    dont you just love it? the water, the cutscenes, the gun that nearly killed you and killed your only sourse of escape. 

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  • Aman10101

    So, my game had already grown a tendancy to take an annoyingly long time to load, but today, the terrain around me gradually began to dissapear while I was waiting for it to finish. I could still physically interact with it like normal, though. It was just a little conserning. No, I didn't see any demons or hear any strange whispers or anything else people try to pass off as "true," I just don't want it to get to the point where my game crashes every time I try to save. If anyone has some tips they could give me, that'd be fantastic. I play on the Xbox One version if that helps any. If no one here knows how to help, at least I tried. Thanks!

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  • Awesomer the 3rd

    Hello everyone. I have been gone for a while and seems that a few things happened. So i am wondering, what happened to recent blog posts.

    Ever since i came to check some stuff i seen also less contributions. That might just be because of below zero.

    Any way i hope i can get some anwsers.


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  • Awesomer the 3rd

    No i am not talking about kharaa. I used to like SB but now... (Also i do not have fortnite so no i have not been playing it, it sucks) i feel like its old. It might be from taking a break from the SB.S project (Yes i am calling it that.) but i need help

    Get the enzyme 42 for my Subnautica bordem disorder 

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  • BovineGod

    Signing Off

    June 4, 2019 by BovineGod

    At this point I've decided to stop contributing edits to the Subnautica wiki for good.

    My decision is not one particular incident but the overall nature of the editing group here which have the habit of reverting and questioning nearly every edit (no matter how small) I've tried to make over the very short time I've spent here.

    With the wiki editors being so inflexible to certain opinion over how things should be worded or what items get added where there is seemingly no point to continue to be part of this wiki, and I would wonder whether there is any point in allowing new members to join and edit at all to be honest. Perhaps locking all the pages down and treating it like a regular website may serve the current editorial staff better?

    All …

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