• Da Rory02

    what to do?

    March 14, 2019 by Da Rory02

    yo, I have a fleet of 5 subs, a pet reaper, I live in the lost river, and about 20 prawn suits. in survival. what should I do?

    please tell me soon.

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  • Käsestangal


    March 21, 2019 by Käsestangal

    Hey Guys!

    may I ask u 2 Questions?!

    1.) It is possible to build a Base inside the great Mushroom-Tree...I do it my question here ist how to support the Base with Oxygen? For a reactor is no space inside the tree. so i decided to build a pump but it is just working from the surface & not in the other direction. Also the solarpanels.... At the beginning, I could mount these high up in the tree (which suggests that they do not require direct sunlight), but the energy production is too small. Any ideas?

    2.) I have been playing Subnautica since release of the game (I play it on a PS4Pro). Now it is like I search since the beginning for the 'life form breeding tank'. In my first passage, I found 1 part of the blueprint. Then came an…

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  • Peeper101

    what is the best way to explore the lost river for the first time. note I refuse to take a cyclops down, and use the grand reef enternce

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  • Käsestangal

    Safety First

    March 23, 2019 by Käsestangal

    Good Mornin' Subnautica Fans!

    I found the Lost River entrance in the Deep Grand I decided to spot some new stuff down there... So I drove to this awesome Cave...with all these beauty skate's...and then i shit myself as fock! a huge Ghost Leviathan appears right in front of my moth...I think he stucked between the trees but he was a very huge guy...he reached me with his head and bamm...shocked =)

    Is there a way to get trough the River without meeting Mr. Ghost?

    From LP 5 I move on to the Cannon Platform & then down...down, down, down and then I can pass the cave into the lost river....but right 100m after the entrance this matafaka safe the position like hell...

    I cannot move with the Portals bcs I do not cured myself yet....and not …

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  • CuddleFishLeviathan

    Where can I find Cyclops Fragments that aren't engine fragments.

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  • Unknown the anonymous

    umm there is a major problem, no matter what i do it won't let me post anything, i put stuff in the "what's this about section" and then put stuff in the explanation, i click post it doesn't appear, it won't even let me make replies, and i'm sure most of you have gone through that and will know stuff about it.....if you have any knowledge of what to do, or anything, please tell me Edit: nvm..... also it won't let me post comments, when I click on the thing it says "Loading editor" (i can type stuff while it's doing that but can't click "post comment" ) and it doesn't stop "loading editor"

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  • Peeper101

    Random Things

    March 20, 2019 by Peeper101

    This is random, but I'm scared of bleeders. They just look creepy.

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  • Awesomer the 3rd

    I have decided to make a movie script about Subnautica that makes up MY Subnautica universe. It involves the ending of below zero which i will make up for the script. I have scene one and here it is


    Scene 1

    We appear in a control room with 2 workers 

    Altera worker 1: Vesper preparing to launch 

    The worker engages the final scan as we go to the launch site  

    Altera executive: “Altera launches the vesper” That’s more famous then the shot down of the aurora 

    The second worker heads the intercom. 


    The final people are heading on board 

    Altera worker 2: Clearing launch site 

    Everybody scrambles to the exits as the final scan is finished and the hatch closes. We go to the c…

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  • Huntermygal

    My personality

    March 13, 2019 by Huntermygal

    I am normally happy-go-lucky and am always ready to tell a bad joke, but I can get very serious very fast. I acknowledge my flaws, and work to correct them when I can. 

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  • DoomSlayer2019

    Cyclops Loadout

    March 13, 2019 by DoomSlayer2019

    So I'm wondering, and by cyclops loadout, I'm talking about the upgrades, what are your preferred cyclops loadouts? Mine are: Thermal reactor mudule, Engine efficiency module, Fire suppression, sonar, shield, and Depth MK.III. (I keep my main cyclops, Orion, in the lava lakes for PRAWN storage and easy navigation while I'm down there.) I'm wondering what modules I should install onto Atlas (My most recently build Cyclops).

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