Sporekypig Sporekypig 3 April 2015

Fauna and Flora ideas?

This is a page for submitting ideas for any kind of life form you'd like to see in Subnautica. It's mostly just for fun, but we can cross our fingers and hope that the SN devs will see this page one day. All ideas are welcome, so if you've thought up something cool, post it in the comments for the world to see :)

Here are pics of some wicked nasty sea critters to get your thinking juices fired up:

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Sporekypig Sporekypig 3 April 2015

Weird buildings theories?

I was wondering if anyone had any theories on what the strange building ruins could be. There are only a couple of them on SN's entire map, and they're all very hard to find, so it's pretty clear there's something both mysterious and important about them. 

Perhaps they are connected to the energy pulse that destroyed your ship? Is it possible that the Warpers built them? If you have any ideas, please put them in the comments.

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Waughgavin Waughgavin 26 March 2015


There is no real map for this game yet and I think that we have enough people on the wiki that this should be addressed. A simple, easy to read map will be very helpful for new players who need to find certain biomes. If it is possible we could make an interactive map that shows what resources are available in any given biome. 

  • Note: I am aware of the current maps, but I think that some of them may be a little bit too confusing starting players.
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Troy95 Troy95 17 March 2015


I am writing this blog post to give appreciation to all of the dedicated and awesome editors of this wiki. Even though Subnautica is still in its infancy we already have an amazingly robust pool of information here. It`s not perfect but with our cooperation it`s on its way to being so.

Thank You Everyone :)

Troy95 (talk) 09:08, March 17, 2015 (UTC)

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Danger107 Danger107 12 April 2015

Odd Findings

I found a few odd things swimming around and didn't know if anyone else has seen these or have some they'd like to share.

War music? Warp to 1530 -320 -610 then swim straight up, and then straight down. What is this? It can be tricky to get it to play but you should hear someone singing with drums when you swim down past 500m.

Random crater with dead end tunnels -1500 -375 505  

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Troy95 Troy95 26 March 2015

Concept Art

Hey guys I've been seeing a lot of concept art on the wiki and I think we should keep a separate page to post it all. We can still keep the concept art on the original pages but this separate page would serve to consolidate all of it, including the stuff that doesn't fit in with other pages. My idea for doing this would be one big gallery but I'm really interested in your guy's thoughts.

Troy95 (talk) 07:22, March 26, 2015 (UTC)

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Khaglun Khaglun 24 March 2015

Concept idea

This is a suggestions for a model-idea to Subnautica, for one mondul for the Seabase system they have.

The idea is that you can drive the Seamouth direct in to a docking bay. Here are two suggestions:

  1. Same sort of mechanics they use on Cyclops, to enter with Seamoth. 
  2. A sluice corridor, drive-truh consept. With a forcefeald that able to drive the seamouth true half filled with wather canal.

(1) Rough sketch:  

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False Noise False Noise 12 April 2015

Share Your Seabases!

My current base is really bad and I haven't seen anyone elses base so far. I'd love to see what amazing things other people have managed to create for their home. Post them here!

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