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This article is about the Blood Crawler. You may be looking for the Cave Crawler.

The Blood Crawler is an aggressive fauna species mainly found in the Blood Kelp Caves. It can also be found in lesser numbers in the lower areas of the Lost River's Ghost Forest.


The Blood Crawler's main body is about the same size as a Cave Crawler, however, it possesses very long legs (even longer than the player's height), covered with inward facing spikes, giving it a more intimidating look than that of its relatives.

Most of its body is cyanish blue in color, while its legs are red tipped. It has a large, bioluminescent reddish-pink glowing eye with red sclera and blue pupil. Also, there are four smaller simple eyes situated near its mandibles.


The Blood Crawler moves in groups, typically patrolling the seabed, and will attack the player when approached. More notably, the Blood Crawler moves much faster than its relative. 

It is also capable of climbing onto the walls and ceilings of most surfaces, including Seabases, cave walls, the Seamoth, Cyclops, and Prawn Suit.

Data Bank Entry

Blood Crawler Ency.png

An agile, territorial scavenger that moves in packs across the sea bed. Closely related to the amphibious cave crawler, but adapted to deep sea conditions.

1. Legs:
The greatest difference between the crawlers on 4546B are the four legs which extend more than a meter from the blood crawler's torso, allowing it to move at surprising speed across the seabed, and even to scale walls.

2. Torso:
The blood crawler can lower its entire body to bring its mandibles within grasping distance of the carrion on which it feeds, while retaining the maneuverability it requires to avoid its predators.

Assessment: Necessary waste recycler - Avoid or incapacitate



  • The Blood Crawler is a close relative of the Cave Crawler.
  • Through developer oversight, this creature used to lack the immunity to brine damage afforded to the majority of creatures in the Lost River biome. This oversight means that many Blood Crawlers died soon after loading in. The same oversight was seen with Ghost Weeds. However, this has been fixed.
  • The Blood Crawler's legs do not count as part of the model, and will remain unaffected from the Stasis Rifle's field and various other attacks, such as the Survival Knife or the Prawn Suit's Claw Arm punches.
  • The Blood Crawler's design is most likely inspired by real-life spider crabs.
  • The Blood Crawler is referred to as the "Shuttlebug" in the game's code, while the Shuttlebug was referred to as the "Jumper". As such, entering "spawn shuttlebug" into the console will spawn a Blood Crawler.
  • Blood Crawlers resemble Dweevils from the Pikmin series.
  • Despite spending most of their life underwater Blood Crawlers can survive on land