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This article is about the Bloodroot. You may be looking for the Creepvine, or the Bloodvine.

Bloodroots are a flora species that dominate the Blood Kelp Caves. They frequently feature Blood Oil pustules, which are a harvestable raw material that is essential for use in Benzene.


Bloodroots are large root-like plants which emit a greenish-white bioluminescent glow. They stretch from one wall to another, or from the cave ceiling to its bottom. Each root is made up of multiple smaller roots intertwined with each other.

Many Bloodroot seemingly grow red blood oil pustules from its thick stem.

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These root systems generally extend from one cave wall to another.

1. Coiled Root System:
Where this root system breaks through into open water its tendrils coil around one another for enhanced structural integrity.

2. Cave Wall Rooting:
Where the root meets the cave wall it penetrates into the rock and continues to grow, alebeit at a slower rate.

Both bloodroots and bloodvines produce blood oil pustules, confirming that they are in fact one and the same flora species. The majority of the root system thrives within the rock itself, occasionally breaking into open water to reach untapped mineral resources, or generating vines which feed on water-based nutrients.



  • Bloodroot was originally green with yellow oil instead of Blood Oil, and was intended to be Kelp Forest Caves flora.[1]
    • A model of the original Kelp Forest version of the roots can be found on Sketchfab.
      • However, the Sketchfab model has been disabled.
  • Although it grows blood oil like the blood vines, Blood root cannot be destroyed or harvested for anything other than blood oil.
  • It is confirmed by the PDA that bloodroot and blood vine are the same floral species, but the bloodroot is an older, more advanced and hardy version of the blood vine


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