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This article is about the Bloodvine. You may be looking for the Creepvine, or the Bloodroot.

Bloodvines are a flora species that dominate the Blood Kelp Zone. An oily substance called Blood Oil can be harvested from their stems. Bloodroot is most likely the roots of Bloodvine.


Bloodvines are very tall and thin, emitting a bright bioluminescent white glow. It grows on the seabed, attached to an extensive root system. The central stalk, or pipe, is surrounded by bare kelp blades but the top-most ones have many smaller protrusions. At its very top, there is a small mouth-like opening. A close-up of the opening in the data bank entry reveals teeth-like structures in this opening.

Blood Oil can be found on the ground or nearby its stems and can be used for farming to grow Bloodvines in an Exterior Growbed or stacked Alien Containments. Similar to the Creepvine, Bloodvines will regenerate Blood Oil over time.

Data Bank Entry


This species of kelp grows in sparse copses, deep on the ocean floor, and provides shelter for an array of distinct fauna and megafauna.

Survival at these depths is challenging, and the lifeforms which make their homes here have developed unusual coping mechanisms, including bleaching of skin pigment, dependency on naturally occurring metals and oils to adjust to temperature and pressure, and in some cases even electrical defense mechanisms.

The vibrant red oils which seep from the bloodvine coagulate into semi-hard pustules, which frequently fall loose and form a vital foodstuff for the local ecosystem, or are otherwise reabsorbed into the ground over time.



  • Art Director Cory Strader stated in an interview with RockPaperShotgun that the opening atop the Bloodvine was originally intended to be a mouth, and that the Bloodvine would use this mouth to consume small fish it caught in its tendrils. Whether this is still a canonical feature of the Bloodvine is unknown.
  • The Bloodvine was likely inspired by real-life Crinoids. Both the Crinoids and the Bloodvine have a stalk-like body with small tentacles on the sides and a mouth (or mouth-like opening) at the top surrounded by feather-like arms.