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The Blue Scrub Bush is a flora species that appears on above water biomes.


This species appears as a tree-like plant with a trunk made up by a transparent purple structure which forms a thick layer around a thin stem. Wrapped around the purple core is a thick whitish-grey coating with several large holes in it. It appears to act as a sort of bark. The trunk is thin at the base and widens to a flat top. On the flat top of the trunk is a hemispheric mass of thin leaf-like structures that are bright pink at the base, transitioning to a bluish-white.

Databank Entry

Blue Scrub Bush
Blue Fur Plant Ency.png

The Blue Scrub Brush is an unusual plant for this climate. Unlike other plants that manage to thrive in extreme cold - which typically grow close to the ground and lack leaves to prevent moisture loss - the blue scrub brush is tall with a fur-like leaf.

Within the hollow leaves are chambered pores, which capture and store the sun’s heat.

Source: Scan Blue Scrub Bushes