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This article is about the Blue Tablet. If this is not what you are looking for, see Alien Tablets (Disambiguation).

The Blue Tablet can be found in the Alien Thermal Plant, and is used to access the Primary Containment Facility. One Blue Tablet is needed to gain entrance to the facility, and a second one is used to unlock the Moonpool room. However, only one Blue Tablet is available for pickup from the Alien Thermal Plant. It is craftable after the player either picks this Blue Tablet up, or scans it. Shortly after picking it up or after crafting one, the Sea Emperor Leviathan will contact the player via telepathic message.


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Data Bank Entry

Blue Artifact-1.png

Smooth and cold, with a blue light which illuminates an alien symbol resembling an upper case 'H'. While it is likely these devices served in part as security clearance for whoever constructed them, their size suggests some additional purpose, such as personal computers. Whatever the case, the technology is far beyond humanity's own.


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PCFAchievement.jpg Fourteen Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Find the Primary Containment Facility

How to obtain: The player must find and enter the Primary Containment Facility in the Lava Lakes.



  • The data bank entry notes that the alien character on the tablet resembles an upper-case “H”.
  • The Blue Tablet used to require one Ion Cube and two Diamonds.
  • At one point it was not possible to drop the Alien Tablets to scan them, and picking up the Blue Tablet would not unlock the Blueprint, making it possible to accidentally render the Blue Tablet uncraftable. This was patched in some update because the player would be unable to complete the game.