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This article is about the Broken Mandrake. You may be looking for the Twisted Mandrake.

The Broken Madrake is a bulky flora species found in the Deep Twisty Bridges. It is a close relative of a Twisted Mandrake found higher up in the Twisty Bridges area.


The Broken Mandrake is mostly purple in color. It has 3 distinct parts: the stalks on top, the vase-shaped trunk, and the roots extending underneath said trunk.

The stalks extend from the top of the trunk and emits a dim bioluminescent rose glow on each tip. The trunk is rather bulbous, with large roots growing out near its bottom side. The plant's trunk and roots are covered in several glowing, white pustules, with larger ones bulging out considerably.

Data Bank Entry

Broken Mandrake
Tentacle Plant Ency.png

The Broken Mandrake is a bioluminescent plant that roots itself to surfaces in deep coral zones. Analysis indicates it has accumulated many genetic adaptations for the permanent dark conditions.

Source: Scan Broken Mandrakes



  • The Broken Mandrake was originally called the Deep Twisty Bulbous Plant and later Tentacle Plant