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Bulb Bushes are a fast spreading flora species found exclusively in the Bulb Zone. Four different sizes can be found: Pygmy, Common, Large and Giant. While the Common, Large, and Giant Bulb Bushes are only found in the Bulb Zone, Pygmy Bulb Bushes can only be found by planting a Bulb Bush in an Exterior Growbed or Alien Containment. Bulb Bushes can be harvested for their edible samples by using the knife. It also can be used in hatching enzymes.


Bulb Bushes feature a large, purple spherical body with a lumpy texture. Smaller light blue, glowing spheres protrude from the purple spherical body. The Bulb Zone biome can be detected from these small lights during nighttime.

The thick stem is composed of many thin, gray, intertwined roots tightly packed together.

Uses In Crafting

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Hatching Enzymes

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Data Bank Entries

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This aquatic species has evolved to grow in deep, sandy environments, and to conserve its hydration levels against relatively extreme external temperatures. The root system can fragment the shale rock it grows on to form a deep anchor point, allowing predators to graze but not easily uproot the entire plant.

This grazing will tend to dislodge parts of the plant, and each section is capable of growing into a fully formed adult plant, explaining the concentrations of bulb bushes in some parts of the world.

Assessment: Edible in small quantities - High water content

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This vast plant is centuries old. While it dominates the surrounding area, a complex root system below the surface connects it with other bulb bushes in the area. Nutrient flow within this network suggests the giant bulb has adapted to feed the weaker bushes and keep the forest healthy.



  • The Bulb Bush was once known as the Koosh Bush. This name was changed to prevent potential copyright infringements.[1]


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