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This article is about the Bulb Bush Sample. You may be looking for the Bulbo Tree Sample.

The Bulb Bush Sample is a raw material that can be obtained from a Bulb Bush.

It can be planted in the Exterior Growbed and the Alien Containment. This will yield a Pygmy Bulb Bush.

It can be eaten raw, supplying the player with 3 Food and 10 Water.

If placed in the Bioreactor, it produces 420 energy total over the course of 504 seconds.


Bulb Bush Samples can be obtained from all sizes of Bulb Bushes using a survival knife.

Pygmy Bulb Bushes will yield nine Bulb Bush Samples, oddly, giving two samples on the eighth hit then splitting into four bushes.

Medium Bulb Bushes will yield sixteen Bulb Bush Samples.

Large Bulb Bushes will yield forty Bulb Bush Samples.

Giant Bulb Bushes give sixty eight Bulb Bush Samples.

Due to the abundance of Bulb Bushes in the Bulb Zone, it is very easy to obtain large amounts of this resource.

Uses in Crafting

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

Hatching Enzymes

Eyes Plant Seed.pngFungal Sample.pngGhost Weed Seed.pngSea Crown Seed.pngBulb Bush Sample.pngArrow-right (1).pngFabricator.pngArrow-right (1).pngHatching Enzymes.png

Energy Value

Bulb Bush Sample.pngArrow-right (1).pngBioreactor.pngArrow-right (1).pngEnergy.png×420



  • The Bulb Bush Sample was once known as the Koosh Bush Sample. This name was changed due to prevent potential copyright infringements.[1]