This article is about the Bulb Zone Caves. You may be looking for the Bulb Zone.

The Bulb Zone Caves are a special cave system of the Bulb Zone. It is characterized by multiple small lava rifts on its walls, along with small glowing plants.


Generally, the Bulb Zone Caves have only little room for maneuvering, but it is recommendable to navigate the Seamoth through them nonetheless.

Temperature near the vents is around 60 - 70 degrees Celsius, which means the Thermal Plant can be used here. At the moment, there are only some few creatures like the Eyeye, Rockgrub and Shuttlebug in the caves. Apart from that, there are a few plants that can be interacted with.

There are currently three Bulb Zone Caves known to exist:

  1. The first one can be accessed through two entrances, one of which is located in the Bulb Zone and the other entrance in Mushroom Forest, as the Bulb Zone Caves connect to a large cave there, which is characterized by flora typical to the Mushroom Forest. This cave is known to be the only of the Bulb Zone Caves to have a Lava Geyser in the middle of the cave.
  2. The second cave is the smallest of the three caves. It is located in the Bulb Zone, very close to the first cave.
  3. The third cave is quite extensive and can be accessed through one entrance, which is located under a huge Bulb Bush in the outskirts of Bulb Zone. This cave is known for its many Earthen Coral Tubes and Spotted Dockleaves. A single Eye Stalk can be found here as well.



  • The Bulb Zone Caves was once known as the Koosh Zone Caves. This name was changed due to prevent potential copyright infringements.[1]


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