This article is about the Bulbo Tree. You may be looking for the Bulb Bush.

Bulbo Trees are a terrestrial flora species found on the Floating Island and Mountain Island. The player can harvest Bulbo Tree Samples from them using a Survival Knife. Bulbo Tree Samples are edible, and a viable source of both Food & Water. After nine slashes with the Survival Knife, the tree will disappear, giving two samples from the final blow. 


Bulbo Trees are short trees with holes in their thick, rounded trunk. A viscous fluid leaks from these holes.

The trunk resembles bamboo shoots, until breaking up into green and blue foliage further up the tree.

Data Bank Entry

Bulbo Tree-0.png

A bulb-based flora which roots to the ground and sprouts turquoise leaves. Analysis suggests the sap produced by this plant is poisonous to insects but can be harvested and consumed by humans for its high water content.

Assessment: Edible, high water content


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