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The Bullseye Shroom is a type of flora found in the Shallow Twisty Bridges.


The Bullseye Shroom is covered in red spots and is made of two parts: the cap and the stalk. Its cyan cap has three rings seemingly stacked on top of each other, with the outer ring being the largest one. Its purple stalk is medium in size and spreads out underneath of the cap to support itself. At the spot where the cap and the stalk of the flora meet is a reddish, flesh-like center.

Databank Entry

Bullseye Shroom
Twisty Bridges Mushroom Ency.png

Bullseye Shrooms are harvestable fungi found growing near coral bridges.

The mushrooms are noteworthy for their thick, meaty caps. These caps manage to produce a small amount of chlorophyll, which makes it capable of some photosynthesis, but the mushroom still gets most of its nutrients from dead matter in the sea floor.

Assessment: Harvestable and plantable.

Source: Scan Bullseye Shrooms