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The Carry-all is a placeable item and portable storage container. It can be found in debris piles in the Crash Zone, Safe Shallows, and in some of the Aurora's living quarters.

The Carry-all has the benefit of being able to be placed practically anywhere, except in Lifepod 5 and in the Cyclops. It takes up 4 (2×2) spaces in the inventory, and provides 9 (3×3) spaces of storage when placed. Once placed it can be picked up again as long as it is empty.

Compared to the Waterproof Locker it has slightly less storage space, but it can be used indoors.



  • The Carry-all used to take up 3×3 (9) spaces in the inventory.
  • The Carry-all was originally named Luggage Bag.
  • The Carry-all was once able to be picked up again after being filled with items, making it a viable option for infinite storage (Carry-all inside a Carry-all inside a Carry-all...).
  • There is a bug that allows you to pick up a Carry-all with the Propulsion Cannon, actually allowing for infinite storage similarly to a Waterproof Locker.