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Cave Bushes are a flora species found populating the Jellyshroom Caves, Mountains Caves, and the Sea Treader's Path. It is purely decorative. By using a knife, the player can harvest Cave Bush Seeds.


Cave Bushes are a moderate-sized plant, featuring a tall, dark purple stalk with many small branches and leaves growing from it.

The leaves are of a lighter shade than the stem and are capable of emitting a bright purple bioluminescent glow.

Cave Bushes found within the Jellyshroom Caves are massive when compared to those found elsewhere, suggesting that the conditions of the cave have caused a distinct subspecies to evolve. The same phenomenon is seen with the Violet Beau in the cave, though to a lesser degree.

Data Bank Entry

Cave Bush-0.png

A purple, luminescent species which grows well on hardy terrain away from sunlight.



  • The Cave Bush was originally called the Purple Branches.