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This article is about the Cave Crawler. You may be looking for the Blood Crawler.

The Cave Crawler is an aggressive fauna species that can be found on the Aurora, in the Underwater Islands, on the Mountain Island,in the Dunes and the floating island.

It typically forms groups and may catch an unaware player by surprise.


The Cave Crawler somewhat resembles an arthropod. It has a large, glowing eye with a cyan sclera and a dark blue pupil, covering most of the top of its body.

It has four, light tan colored segmented legs, along with the underside of its body.

The Cave Crawler has two mandibles on its head, which are presumably used for feeding.


The Cave Crawler is semi-terrestrial, but it cannot swim, instead walking and jumping around underwater.

It moves in groups. When being approached, it lunges towards the player to attack.

It is also capable of climbing onto the walls and ceilings of caves.

It appears to be used to slow prey, as it rarely can hit a moving target.

When it attacks the player, it hits for 5 HP, with severe knockback (if on dry land). The easiest way to avoid this is to keep moving when they are nearby, as their jumping attack does not lead a target. It would be advisable to carry a Stasis Rifle, Propulsion Cannon or Repulsion Cannon to deal with these creatures.

The Cave Crawler cannot be killed by fire, making it immune to the fires on board the Aurora.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

The Cave Crawlers inside Primary Containment Facility's Aquarium are not hostile to the player, and are thus not a threat.

Cave Crawlers can also be found in the Crag Field Cache and around the Degasi Seabase on the Floating Island.

Data Bank Entry


Agile, territorial carrion-feeder. Well-adapted to both land and sea.

1. Gas Exchange Membrane:
Absorbs essential gases from the air or water for basic bodily regulation.

2. Mandibles:
This species seeks out corpses in packs, before defending its claim while the corpse is devoured.

Assessment: Necessary waste recycler - Avoid or incapacitate



  • These creatures bear a great resemblance to the spider creatures from the movie Lost in Space: They have disc-like bodies, they're hostile towards the player, and they roam around a derelict terraforming ship; much as the creatures from the movie roam the Proteus, another derelict ship that appears to have items on board for colonizing a new planet.
    • They may also be a nod to Headcrabs, from the Half-Life series.
  • Despite its name, most of the Cave Crawler's habitats aren't actually caves.
  • In earlier development, Cave Crawlers had a more blueish hue to their skin; this was to make them fit in with the Aurora, which was the only place they spawned at the time. They were reskinned after they were added to the Underwater Islands.
  • The PDA says that some of the Aurora crew's remains were found in digestive tracks of creatures, possibly Cave Crawlers.
  • If spawned they will show their old blue texture.
  • They have a reflection of a warehouse in their eyes.