This article is about Chairs in Subnautica. For the related article on the Below Zero Wiki, see Chairs.

The Chair is a miscellaneous items and are constructed by the Habitat Builder. It can be sat on. There are currently three types of Chairs.

Chairs must be scanned in order to acquire their Blueprints, and can be found in Degasi Seabases or in Wrecks.


The player can sit in the Chair, which will disable the Food & Water bar, and can access the PDA while doing so.


TitaniumArrow-right (1)Habitat BuilderArrow-right (1)Chair

TitaniumArrow-right (1)Habitat BuilderArrow-right (1)Chair 2

TitaniumArrow-right (1)Habitat BuilderArrow-right (1)Chair 3


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