Chinese Potato Plants are a non-native, terrestrial flora species found only in Exterior Growbeds and Plant Pots in and around the Floating Island Degasi Seabase.


Chinese Potato Plants are some tall grass with Chinese Potatoes at the roots. It also has several bioluminescent bulbs at the top of each stalk. The bulbs are yellow, and the leaves are assorted shades of green.

Data Bank Entry

Chinese Potato-0

The Chinese potato is common throughout the China Territories, where synthetic foods are still stigmatized, and there remain large tracts of arable land on which to grow fresh produce. Genetically designed prior to the Expansion, this plant is highly adaptable to different environments, and a staple of new colonies galaxy-wide.

Assessment: Edible



  • The Chinese Potato Plant was formerly called the Purple Vegetable Plant.
  • The Chinese Potato Plant cannot be found anywhere on the planet besides the Degasi Growbeds, which likely means that they were brought by the crew of the Degasi.