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If you are looking for a specific command, do Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) + F and type the command you are looking for.
Stop (BZ).png Warning!

SAVE your game before using these commands! Using these commands might impair your Subnautica: Below Zero experience! The use of these commands will disable achievements on the current save file!

This article is about Console Commands (Below Zero) in Below Zero. To see this subject's article on the Subnautica Wiki, click here.

Console Commands are a group of tools that adjust the player's experience outside the normal scope of the game. These commands can be used for debugging purposes, viewing partially implemented content, or simply for player enjoyment.

How to Use


The Console can be opened by pressing the Shift and Enter keys simultaneously.


The input box for Console Commands can be brought up by pressing several buttons on the controller at the same time.

Xbox PlayStation Nintendo Switch
XBOX Left Bumper + XBOX A + XBOX Right Bumper PS4 L1.png + Combops4x.png + PS4 R1.png SwitchA.png + SwitchL.png + SwitchR.png

Input box Use

  • Pressing Shift and Enter will open the console.
  • Once a command is entered, press Enter to execute the chosen command.
  • Pressing Uparrow.png or Downarrow.png will display previously entered commands, moving backwards and forwards respectively through that list.

List of Commands


[NAME] Represents a variable text input that depends on the command.
[#] Represents a number value of the player's choice.
[x] [y] [z] Represent coordinates.
  • [x] East & West
  • [y] Altitude
  • [z] North & South


item [NAME] [#]

Adds a specified amount of a certain item to the player's inventory. Default number is 1.

  • Example: "item titanium 5" will add 5 Titanium to the player's inventory.
  • Not all items' spawn IDs are the same as their name. A complete list of items and their spawn IDs can be found here.
spawn [NAME] [#]

Spawns a specified amount of a certain object in front of the player. Default number is 1.

  • Example: "spawn hoopfish 5" spawns 5 Hoopfish in front of the player.
  • * Not all entities' spawn IDs are the same as their name. A complete list of entities/items and their spawn IDs can be found here.
baseflood [#] Floods all player-built seabases to designated percentage (meaning water level). 0 means not flooded and 1 means completely flooded.


bubbles Spawns several air bubbles around the player.
charge [#] Charges all batteries in inventory to given percentage. 0 means completely uncharged and 1 means fully charged.
clearinventory Deletes everything in the inventory.
cold Toggles the effect of cold on the player.
damage [#] Sets universal damage multiplier to player's choice.
damagebase Breaches all Seabases.
dig [#] Removes all terrain around the player in a sphere with a diameter of # meters (max value: 100). This command can put a severe strain on the gameplay performance.
ency [NAME]

Unlocks a specific data base entry. Example: "ency hoopfish" will unlock the Hoopfish entry.

Doing "ency all" will give the player all of the data bank entries, even ones not acquirable in-game yet.

fastbuild Allows the player to build modules quickly with the Habitat Builder.
fastgrow Plantable flora will grow within a few moments when placed in any type of planter.
fasthatch Eggs will hatch within a few moments after being placed in an Alien Containment.
fastscan Reduces the scanning time when using the Scanner.
fastswim Toggles fastswim mode, which allows you to gain a large speed boost while holding Left Shift.
filterfast Reduces the time Water Filtration Machines take to filter.
filtersalt Causes every Water Filtration Machine on the map to instantly fabricate Salt.
filterwater Causes every Water Filtration Machine on the map to instantly fabricate a Large Filtered Water.
  • freedom
  • creative
  • survival
  • hardcore
Changes game mode to chosen type.
freeze Freezes all small fish similarly to the Brinewing.
freezeplayer Freezes the player similarly to the effect of the Brinewing.
goal [NAME] [NAME] Triggers the desired Story Goal. Each type of Story Goal has a different effect but the names of specific goals are only found in the game files. There are four types of goals: PDA, Radio, Encyclopedia, and Story. To use the command, write the type of goal as the first parameter and the name of the story goal as the second parameter. Note that if the desired goal is not of the PDA type or is not recognized at all, typing it under the PDA type will simply show dialogue text containing the name.

Usage: goal pda helloworld

goalreset [NAME] Unchecks a given Story Goal. Uses the same Story Goals as the goal command.
hoverbikevariant1 Changes all spawned Snowfoxes to variant 1, meaning they have infinite boost and increased jump height. Additionally, there is no maximum speed when using the boost; the Snowfox keeps accelerating without limit.
hoverbikevariant2 Changes all spawned Snowfoxes to variant 2, meaning they have infinite boost and increased jump height.
hypnosison Enables the Lily Paddler's hypnosis effect.
hypnosisoff Disables the Lily Paddler's hypnosis effect.
icewormhuntmodeoff Turns off Ice Worm hunt mode.
icewormhuntmodeon Turns on Ice Worm hunt mode.
instagib Toggles instagib mode, which allows to player to one-hit kill all killable creatures.
invisible Creatures will ignore the player completely. Additionally, Vehicles will not take any hull damage from any source.
kill Respawns the player instantly inside the drop pod. Useful as a "teleport" feature. Do NOT use on Hardcore game setting.
launchrocket Forces the Exchanger Rocket to launch.
noblueprints Allows the player to play with all blueprints unlocked.
nobubbles Disables the player's breath bubbles.
nocost Toggles unlimited, free use of the Fabricator, Habitat Builder, Mobile Vehicle Bay, Vehicle Upgrade Console and Modification Station whether the player has the required items or not.
nodamage Toggles damage.
noenergy Toggles power usage for all vehicles, tools as well as the Seabases.
nohints Toggles game hints.
nopressure Toggles pressure effects on Seabases and Vehicles.
nosurvival Disables the player's Food & Water requirements and removes sustenance value on items. Only applicable for Survival and Hardcore modes.
ongoal [NAME] Completes a specified Story Goal. See the goal command for more details. Typing ongoal all will complete all Story Goals instantly.
oxygen Gives the player an unlimited supply of oxygen. If used after Oxygen has reached 0, it won't save you from dying.
resetmotormode Forces the player into swim mode while in an underwater Architect Base.
resourcesfor [NAME] Provides resources for any specific craftable items. Example: "resourcesfor knife" will give the player Silicone Rubber and Titanium.
rotfood Rots all the food in the player's inventory.
schoolfishrepulsedbyplayer Toggles shoals fleeing from the player.
seaglide Spawns an unpowered Seaglide in front of the player.
shotgun Toggles shotgun mode, which allows the player to kill creatures by right clicking on them.
startexchangerquest Warps the player to the Exchanger Rocket and gives you a Repair Tool and two Coffee Americanos.
story [NAME] Advances the current story to a designated point. The story command uses pre-made parameters to skip to specific points in the story, and the full list of commands is viewable when typing story on its own. A description of each command can be seen using the story help command.

The list of commands and appropriate description is as follows:

  • sendenzyme
  • marg1
    • Walk uphill and out of the entrance of the cave to trigger the first encounter with Marguerit Maida.
  • sanctuary
    • Swim into Sanctuary Zero to hear the Architect talk to you for the first time. Head to the room at the back for the download sequence.
  • skipintro
    • Will complete all goals triggered during the intro sequence and warp you to the cave entrance that leads back to ice lake. This is only useful when starting a new game because it does not reset anything.
  • radiorepair
    • Go to the radio tower and repair it to restore communications with the Vesper.
  • researchnotes
    • enter the base to find the requested research notes.
  • colleaguepda
    • enter the bunker and collect the PDA.
  • frozencreature
    • go to the frozen creature and take a sample.
  • radiosalvage
  • collectenzyme
    • approach a sea emperor to be greeted and collected an enzyme when it gets released.
story help [NAME] Shows the help description for given story command. See story command for list of commands and their descriptions.
supplydrop [NAME] Initiates a certain drop. Example: "supplydrop briefing-disabled" initiates the supply drop that contains the Sector Zero briefing.
supplydropall Shows the list of supply drops.
takedamage [#] Damages player's health % amount equal to value. Max health is 100%.
unfreeze Unfreezes all small fish.
unfreezeplayer Unfreezes the player.
unlock [NAME] Unlocks a specific blueprint. Example: "unlock solarpanel" unlocks Solar Panels. Typing "unlock all" will unlock all blueprints.
unlockall Unlocks all blueprints.
unlockallbuildables Unlocks every blueprint used by the Habitat Builder.
unlockdoors Unlocks all forcefields in Architect Bases.

Item-Providing Commands

eggs Gives the player every creature egg in the game.
exosuitarms Gives the player every Prawn Suit arm.
exosuitupgrades Gives the player every Prawn Suit upgrade.
hatchingtime Gives the player a Seaglide, three Ion Cubes, a Rebreather, Fins, a Lightweight High Capacity Tank, and Hatching Enzymes.
madloot Gives the player a Survival Knife, Habitat Builder, Scanner, 3x Battery, 4x Computer Chip, 10x Titanium and 10x Glass.
niceloot Gives the player an Ultra High Capacity Tank, one Metal Salvage, one Quartz, one Copper Ore, one Lead, one Mercury Ore, a Rebreather, a Reinforced Dive Suit, one Salt Deposit, one Gold, one Crystalline Sulfur, one Silver Ore, a Stasis Rifle, a Stillsuit, a Radiation Suit, a Compass, a Standard O₂ Tank, a Uraninite Crystal, one Cave Sulfur, one Kyanite, one Diamond, one Nickel Ore, one Lithium, one Table Coral Sample, one Ruby, one Coral Tube Sample, one Magnetite, and one Stalker Tooth.
precursorkeys Gives the player one of each color precursor key.
seatruckupgrades Gives the player every Seatruck upgrade.
spawnloot Spawns Quartz, Copper Ore, Content Magnesium, Salt Deposit, Gold and 4x Metal Salvage.
tools Gives the player a Propulsion Cannon, Survival Knife, Flashlight, Habitat Builder, Air Bladder, Pathfinder Tool, Scanner, Repair Tool, Laser Cutter, Flare, and Light Stick.
vehicleupgrades Gives the player all upgrades
item jukeboxdisksall Drops a single Jukebox Disk that allows the player to unlock all the Jukebox tracks.


day Sets time to day (12:00 noon).
night Sets time to night (00:00 midnight).
accelweather [#] Accelerates future weather event to the given number.
daynight [#] Sets the time of day. 0 and 1 are midnight, and 0.5 is noon. Numbers above or below 1 or 0 will be rounded down or up, respectively.
daynightspeed [#] Sets the day/night cycle speed multiplier (default 1). A # of "2" would be a day/night cycle twice as fast (shorter day and shorter night). A float such as 0.1 will make the day/night cycle 10x slower.
forcenextweather Advances current weather to next one on the timeline.
lightning Toggles lightning.
precipitation Toggles rain.
resetweather Re-rolls all weather for the next 24 in-game hours.
skiptime [#] Skips a number of seconds. One day is equal to 1200 seconds.
weather Toggles weather.
weatherevent [NAME]

Sets the current weather to the given name. See Weather System#Triggering Weather through Commands for more info.

wind Toggles wind.


  • cambob
  • camerabobbing
Toggles camera bobbing.
camshake Initates a camera shake.
collect Performs a garbage collection script.
debughoverbike Toggles the Snowfox debug menu. Only visible while riding a Snowfox.
debugmusic Lists music currently playing, if one is playing. See listmusic command for more information.
debugstartmap Places 1000 black cubes at the starting area.
entreset Resets all loaded entities.
farplane [#] Changes your viewing distance. 1000 is default.
fog Toggles in-game fog.
fps Shows FPS.
freecam Allows you to freely leave your character and roam the terrain, even fly through solid objects. Use the command again to go back to your character. (WARNING: Very sensitive movements, cannot open menu or inventory while in freecam. DO NOT use while seated in/on a chair or vehicle, this will make an irreversible bug, forcing you to reload to your last save, or saving, then reloading the save and then exiting the vehicle in order to fix it.) To manipulate freecam movement, use shift to accelerate. Pressing the numbers 1-5 also changes the speed at which you move.
gamereset Resets the terrain. WARNING! Do not use command while you are inside of a vehicle
ghost Same as freecam, except player model is teleported to camera position when cancelled rather than vice versa. Very useful for making size references.
iceworm Forces all spawned Ice Worms to start their ground-exit animation, wait a few seconds, and subsequently return into the ground.
interpolate Toggles interpolation of player movement.
killvehicle Makes all Seatrucks and their modules explode.
limitshadow [#] Limits shadows to a certain radius around the player.
listambience Lists all ambience files implemented in the game, as well as the biome ID they are associated with. Typing the command returns this list:
  • lilly_pads (lilyPads*)
  • sanctuary (TwistyBridges_InnerCave*)
  • normal_cave (NormalCave*)
  • ice_cave (IntroIceCave*)
  • arctic_surface (arctic*)
  • kelp_caves (arcticKelp*)
  • kelp_background (kelpForest*)
  • surface_generic_background (*)
  • twisty_bridges (twistyBridges*)
listmusic Lists all music files implemented in the game, as well as the biome ID they are associated with. Typing the command returns this list:
  • arctic_background_music (arctic*)
  • kelp_background_music (kelpForest*)
nobloom Removes bloom. Game restart needed to re-apply.
noshadows Removes shadows. Game restart needed to re-apply.
pcannon Gives all objects that can be picked up by the propulsion cannon a blue glow, similar to the effect while scanning an object. Also enables the noenergy command.
printbiome Shows on screen what biome the player is currently in.
rib Toggles background running for the game.
scene [NAME] Loads a scene based on the NAME parameter. Currently known scene filenames are...
  • Main
  • dbc
  • debugcreatures
Toggles the creature debugger.
sizeref Spawns the "Wasabi One" diver. Can be used as a size reference. Must be looking at terrain.
skiptrack Ends the current playing track and moves onto the next.
spikeytraphunt Forces all spawned Spike Traps into hunting mode.
spikeytraprest Forces all spawned Spike Traps into resting mode.
target Toggles target debug.
targetframerate [#] Sets maximum game framerate.
techtype [NAME] Prints the techtype for a given name.

Example: "techtype rock puncher" returns: "TechType for 'rock puncher' string is RockPuncher". Can be useful for acquiring debug spawn commands.

Note: if the command is successful, the given techtype will be placed into your clipboard.

vranim Toggles VR animations.
vsync Toggles VSync.
weathergui Toggles the weather debug GUI.


biome [NAME] Teleports the player to a specific Biome. Example: "biome shallowtwistybridges" teleports the player to the Shallow Twisty Bridges.

Type biome without a biome name to see the following list:

goto [NAME] Teleports the player to a specific location. Example: "goto rocket" teleports the player to the Communications Tower at the top of the Delta Island.

Type goto with no location name to show the following list:

warp [x] [y] [z] Warps the player to the coordinates of their choice. Example: "warp 1 1 1".
batch [x] [y] [z] Warps the player to the center of a batch of their choice. Batches do not use the same co-ordinate system as the warp command.
chunk [x] [y] [z] Teleports the player to the chunk of their choice. Chunk -400 -400 -400 is the approximate middle of Sector Zero.
gotofast [NAME] Same as goto command, except teleports the player instead of moving them quickly.
gotospam Teleports the player between two locations until the game is exited or the gotostop command is used.
gotostop If the player has used gotospam, this stops the loop.
spawnnearby Teleports the player half a meter in a random direction. Good for getting unstuck. Does not work while in vehicles.
warpforward [#] Warps the player forward by [#] meters. Does not work while in vehicles.

Legacy Commands

These commands are no-longer functional, have no apparent in-game effect, or affect only something relevant to Subnautica and not Subnautica: Below Zero. All of these commands can still be found in the game's code. Descriptions of these commands may be guesswork, as their effects are often derived from game code.

abflip Changes Stopwatch profiler variant.
addlocked [NAME] [#] Unlocks a partially-scanned blueprint. # refers to number of scanned fragments.
animculloff Turns animation culling off.
animstat Displays status of animations.
attacksub Affects the Cyclops submarine.
autogctime [#] Sets auto garbage collection time.
biomemusic [NAME] Changes current music to chosen biome's track.
buoyoff Disables buoyancy.
buoyon Enables buoyancy.
clearhistory Clears console history.
commands Lists all commands.
countdownship Initiates the countdown for the explosion of the Aurora's dark matter reactor.
create [NAME] Creates a instance of the desired prefab.
crush Damages all damageable vehicles.
cure Cures the player and all creatures in a specified range of the Kharaa Bacterium.
cureplayergoaltrigger Completes the "cure" story goal.
cyclopsupgrades Gives the player every upgrade for the Cyclops.
damagesub Damages all damageable submarines.
dbbf Debugging tool for base flooding.
dblit Camera effect debugging tool.
dbregion Outputs info about the current region.
dbslots Enables debug slots.
dcstats Outputs DC and entity statistics into the Subnautica: Below Zero folder.
debugsound Debugging tool for sounds.
debugtemp Debugging tool for temperature.
decontaminate Removes radiation from the map.
destroycyclops Destroys all Cyclops.
disablepoolpurge Stops garbage collection.
doormode [#]

Toggles Seatruck door mode.

  • 0 - None
  • 1 - Left
  • 2 - Right
  • 3 - Middle
drones Spawns 40 test drones.
dummy [NAME] Creates and manipulates a dummy.
dumpgameobjectpool Creates a text file containing all loaded GameObjects.
ecoevent No effect.
ecostats Outputs number of certain entities.
enablepoolpurge Enables garbage collection.
endsession Outputs "endsession cmd" in the debug log.
entityslot [NAME] Creates a desired entity slot.
entstats Outputs entity statistics.
equipment Gives the player Fins, a Standard O₂ Tank, a Compass, and a full set of radiation gear.
erupt Forces all geysers to erupt.
evdb No effect.
evprof Activates event profiling.
explodeforce Creates an explosive force on the Aurora.
explodeship Initiates the explosion of the Aurora's dark matter reactor.
exportbytepooljson Exports JSON file of the byte pool.
fishes Gives the player a Holefish, an Arctic Peeper, a Bladderfish, a Garryfish, a Hoverfish, a Reginald, a Spadefish, a Boomerang, a Eyeye, and a Oculus.
fixleaks Fixes all seabase leaks.
flood Floods every Cyclops on the map.
forcerocketready Allows the Neptune Escape Rocket to be launched without disabling the Quarantine Enforcement Platform.
gcc Forces garbage collection.
hellofish Allows the player to re-activate the Cuddlefish's "goodbye" interaction.
infect [#] Infects the player and all creatures in a specified range with the Kharaa Bacterium.
infectionreveal Plays the animation of the player realizing they are infected with the Kharaa Bacterium.
killent [NAME]] Kills certain entities.
language [NAME] Sets language.
lldetach Detaches all Lava Larvas.
lock [NAME] Locks a specific blueprint. Example: "lock solarpanel" locks Solar Panels.
logpendingitems Logs all pending items.
lootprobability [NAME] [#] Shows loot probability for a given biome, a given number of times.
magic Enables nocost, gives the player a Habitat Builder, and unlocks all blueprints.
nitrogen Enables the experimental nitrogen mode, which was an attempt to simulate the Bends.
notificationadd [NAME] Adds a notification.
notificationlist Outputs a list of notifications.
notificationremove [NAME] Removes a notification.
octrees Outputs total size of voxel data.
osgui Toggles large world streamer GUI.
pdaintro Plays the PDA intro sequence.
pdalog [NAME] Adds text to the PDA log.
pendingitem [NAME] Adds a pending item.
perf Outputs lighting data.
photoprofile [#] Starts the Stopwatch profiler.
phototour [#] Starts a photo tour.
playerinfection [#] Advances the infection to a certain point.
playsunbeamfx Plays the second part of the Quarantine Enforcement Platform shooting down the Sunbeam event.
precursorgunaim Plays the entire Quarantine Enforcement Platform shooting down the Sunbeam event.
printstorygoals Outputs all completed story goals.
pulseradio Forces the Radio to pulse.
radiation Toggles radiation.
randomstart Teleports the player into Lifepod 5 and respawns Lifepod 5 at one of its initial spawn point locations at random.
recordtour [#] Records the active photo tour.
resetachievements Resets all achievements.
resizestorage [#] [#] Resizes the inventory to the desired dimensions.
resstats Outputs RES statistics.
restorecyclops Converts every Cyclops wreck on the map to a functional (but damaged) state.
restoreship Returns the Aurora to its original form. Turns on radiation.
rigids Outputs a count of all rigidbodies in the scene.
savestartmap Outputs a copy of the start map to the Subnautica: Below Zero folder.
schoolfishai Toggles shoal AI.
schoolfishrepulsor Toggles shoal repulsor.
seal Sets player to 5x speed.
seamothupgrades Gives the player every Seamoth upgrade.
seeall Disables fog of war.
setwpcage [#] Sets the age of a creature in the Alien Containment.
shaderkw Sets the shader keyword.
shark Sets player to 10x speed.
showresources Outputs a list of resources.
sonic Sets player to 50x speed.
spark [#] Places the player exactly where they currently are.
spawnperf [#] Performance related command.
startsunbeamstoryevent Activates the Sunbeam story event.
stopphototour Stops the current active photo tour.
stoprecording Stops recording the current photo tour.
stopwatch [NAME] Toggles the stopwatch profiler.
subtitles [NAME] Adds subtitled text.
sunbeamcountdownstart Activates the Sunbeam countdown.
swimx [#] Sets the swim speed multiplier.
textexception Tests a Unity Exception error.
togglewaterfrustumcull Toggles water frustum cull.
togglewatershadowcast Toggles shadow from water.
togglewatershadowreceive Toggles shadow water receive.
trace Tests a raycast.
translationkey [NAME] Shows the translation key for the given string.
unlockforced [NAME] Forces the unlock of a blueprint.
vfx Toggles Cyclops smoke.
viewmodels Lists all models in the layer.
warpme Warps the player to the last safe zone.