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In the control room, you can change base lighting and colors, rename your base, and see information about power and structural integrity. But not the integrity of societal power structures.

― PDA.

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The Control Room is a base piece in Subnautica: Below Zero. It allows the player to name and color their Seabase, as well as managing power.


The Control Room has a number of displays and interactive components. On one wall is a display showing the current time of day, the base's name and total Hull Integrity, and general details of base power. The latter shows the base's current power reserves as a percentage of its maximum storage, the amount currently generated in green, and the amount currently being used in red.

On the opposite wall is an interactive display, which uses the same interface as a Vehicle Upgrade Console, allowing the player to name their base and choose its colors with a color picker.

In the center of the Control Room is a console which shows a holographic display of the base's layout (rooms, corridors and Foundations), with base parts defaulting to blue save for the Control Room which is yellow. The player can adjust the position of the map by interacting with the joystick on one side. While interacting with this, the movement keys will move the hologram around, while swim up and swim down are used to shift it up and down.

Placing the crosshair over any part of the base hologram will show the component's name, current power generation and consumption, and its contribution to the base's overall structural integrity, the latter including the bonuses of any parts that strengthen or weaken it.

Clicking on a room while its description is visible will toggle its power supply on and off: rooms that are switched off will change from blue to red. This can be used to manage base power in case of shortages by turning off rooms with high power consumption, or to save fuel in a Bioreactor or Nuclear Reactor by switching off power-draining rooms before leaving the base. Turning off the power to a base piece will also turn off any internal lighting in that piece, but does not deactivate Floodlights. The Control Room cannot deactivate itself.

The control room will also show the location of any points where water is leaking into the base due to low Hull Integrity or collision damage.

A Control Room automatically adds a beacon for the base with the chosen name appended to it.


The blueprint for the Control Room is acquired from any of three Data Boxes: one is inside Omega Lab, another inside Outpost Zero, and the last in a small field of Alterra debris in the Purple Vents. Once the blueprint is acquired, it can be constructed with the Habitat Builder.

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Databank Entry

Control Room
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The control room is an essential part of outpost engineering, created in response to environments with limited energy generation options.

- Centrally located 3D console provides an overview of current base layout
- Interactive projection toggles power in individual rooms for finite energy control
- Detailed wall-mounted display audits and discloses hull stability and energy consumption
- Customizing station controls identifying base details including name and exterior colors
- Atomic clock reports pin-point accurate local time

Source: Unlock the Control Room



  • The central console was originally part of the Scanner Room in the Early Access builds of Subnautica.