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Copper Wire is an item found in the electronics section of the Fabricator. It is used in many crafting recipes such as the Compass and Seaglide.


Copper OreCopper OreArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Copper Wire

Uses In Crafting


Synthetic FibersAerogelCopper WireArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Stillsuit


Copper WireWiring KitArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Compass

BatteryLubricantCopper WireTitaniumArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Seaglide

Table Coral SampleTable Coral SampleGoldCopper WireArrow-right (1)FabricatorArrow-right (1)Computer Chip

Habitat Builder

TitaniumTitaniumTitaniumCopper WireAerogelArrow-right (1)Habitat BuilderArrow-right (1)Water Filtration Machine

TitaniumTitaniumTitaniumComputer ChipCopper WireArrow-right (1)Habitat BuilderArrow-right (1)Vehicle Upgrade Console

Wiring KitCopper WireTitaniumArrow-right (1)Habitat BuilderArrow-right (1)Battery Charger

Copper WireArrow-right (1)Habitat BuilderArrow-right (1)Sign

Copper WireArrow-right (1)Habitat BuilderArrow-right (1)Picture Frame

Cyclops Upgrade Fabricator

Repair ToolCopper WireArrow-right (1)Cyclops Upgrade ConsoleArrow-right (1)Cyclops Docking Bay Repair Module

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material.

Neptune Gantry

Plasteel IngotCopper WireLubricantArrow-right (1)Rocket BaseArrow-right (1)Neptune Escape Rocket Gantry


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