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The Coral Shell Plate is a common species of coral. It is divided into 3 types: Coral, Slanted and Veined.

Using the Survival Knife, Coral Tube Samples can be harvested from all three variants.


The Coral Shell Plates have a faint olive color and a crescent-like shape, similar to those found attached to Giant Coral Tubes.

The Slanted Shell Plate is a group of slanted plate corals arranged close to each other, with a variety of sizes. It is mainly dark green in color, with the bottom part having a wide arrange of colors.

Veined Shell Plates are oval shaped corals, which have bioluminescent yellowish and brown branching patterns on their surface. They have a slightly rough surface with some pits between the branches.

Data Bank Entry[]

Shell Plates
This variant of coral has adapted to survive in close proximity to other corals, filtering nutrients from the water and sharing them via a spore-like substance which grows around the base.

Assessment: No practical applications discovered



  • Despite all three of them having different characteristics and behavior, when scanned, they all have the same data bank entry.
  • Even though the data bank entry states they have no practical applications, the Coral Shell Plate variant can be harvested and is an ingredient for bleach.