Crag Field

Crag Field Biome.png

The Crag Field is a rocky biome dominated by large geological formations.


The Crag Field is situated between the Grand Reef, the Crash Zone, Kelp Forest, and shares its border with one of the Grassy Plateaus. To the south of the Crag Field is the Crater Edge. It is situated south of Aurora's engines. It features large rock spikes and rippling rock hills, bearing resemblance to the older Grand Reef, all of which is formed atop a massive crag dropping down into the aforementioned biome.

The Crag Field is a resource-rich biome with some low-level predators. Groups of Bonesharks are frequent in the area, along with the occasional Mesmer passing by. Tiger Plants can also be found in this biome, camouflaged, and mostly hidden in the grasses within the rock structures. The biome also features a great abundance of minerals and other resources.

A few pods of Reefback Leviathans can be seen drifting in the water above the Crag Field.


  • The Crag Field's terrain textures at the sea bed are identical to those found in the Sea Treader's Path.
  • The Crag Field was the last biome to be added to Subnautica.
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